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General Physics Interview Questions
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Explain the refraction of light ?

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Explain about Dispension of Light ?

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Explain the Fluorescence ?

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Explain the Phosphorescence ?

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What is Colours of bodies ?

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What is Sextent ?

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Explain the Magnifying power ?

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Explain the Compound microscope ?

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Explain the Velocity and Acceleration ?


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When I have one cubic foot of air enclosed within a weightless container and place it on the surface of a fresh water body of water at sea level how much mass (weight) will it support before it sinks below the surface?

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Where is Vikram Sarabai Space Research Centre?

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a ball of mass 500g moving with a velocity of 10m/s collides with another ball of mass 250g.after the impact,the second ball moved off with a velocity of 8m/s calculate the final velocity of the first ball.


a truck A moving with a velocity of 30m/s collides with a stationary trolley B of mass 0.5tonnes after collision the two bodies were automatically connected.find their common velocities after collision if the mass of truck is 1.2tonne.

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Is exothermic reaction useful in Lasing process? give reasion of ur answere?


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Mercury thermometer is constructed as shown in Figure The capillary tube has a diameter of 0.004 cm, and the bulb has a diameter of 0.250 cm. neglecting the expansion of the glass, find the change in height of the mercury column that occurs with a temperature change of 30.0 °C.


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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

Explain what is the transparent?


What is the difference between isolation transformers and step up or step down transformer?


Explain how spectral lines show discrete energy levels in an atom. : quantum physics


Why is mercury used in thermometers rather than water?


Explain the cause of brownian motion?


What is radium used for?


Explain the index of refraction of air?


What is the pitch?


So quantum physics must use probability theory? : quantum physics


What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors?


How do you magnetize metal?


What do you mean by newton meter?


When the sound intensity is above 120 decibel, what happen to human ears?


i measured a 3-ph capacitor with a multimeter which is not connected to supply... but i could get the phase to phase voltage... how tis is possible..????


Graph between frequency of photon and velocity of photo electron?