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Inserting a Call to Action is not Importing all columns in Datatable of globalsheet. Why?


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what is qtp automation frame work,what is the use of that frame work?

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When The Low Level Recording is Used in QTP

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What are the abbreviations for tsr and mtr?

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How we can call the scripit from another scripit in QTP?,Not a call Action

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One build is delivered. in that build button name is submit. but in the next buit that name of the button changed as login.are u continue with previous recorded script or u make any changes?


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we are submitting data one form to another form.defaultly it is time period set as 5sec. but it is taken 15sec what to do


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how to get the object property


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Can the mode of object repository be change during run time? Eg. if the mode is per-action during design time can i change it to shared and vice-versa? Any scripting possible?

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I have 5 no.of Action in my Test. Out off which i should make 3rd action as my start-up action. How should i make it?


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I have recorded a test over web application(with IE6.0) in analog mode. But, while running it my test gets failed. Why? (Note: my systray has 3 open web applications)


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what is descriptive programming in QTP? How can be done?


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if anyone has idea of the interview procedure in covansys, plz send me a mail?


Can anybody give the script to addsheet, add column,add values under that column in the rows??


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can we enable smart identification for test object

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When we r doing data driven test with chkpts, i want to insert formulae in data sheet but i didn't get. How we wil do that plz. explain in detail.


hi, can u tell me the QTP TEsting process in present real time companies?(beware of this... now a days Recording is not using,, only DP) and don't tell note book answers like step 1 spep2....like this .......post answer with professional skills in simple english words) thank u


how u will evaluate the tool for test automation?


Hi frnds, does anybody know if there is anything called "thin point" or something in qtp? thanks in advance.


If u r using library files (Instead of Check Points) , How do u do bitmap check ?


what is the difference between built-i function and In-built function?


Can any give an example(if possible templates) how to test web application using QTP. thanks in advance


hi can any body give me a script for creating a modularity or keyword driven framework..i am working as a qtp tester for 2 months but still i am not exposed to framework in my company


i have a doubt can anyone tell me where are scripts stored while using QTP.Tell me the exact procedure takes place in real time?like how we call scripts how to proceed after writing scripts?how scripts are executed etc?i heard some use Qc whether others dont use.so tell me whole procedure for both the things it will be a very big help.as i have interview i want to have whole idea on this.its very urgent.


how we implement share object repository in QTP 9.0 without using quality Centre , Explaine in brief


how can i pass a "automation script" as a parameter in a function give me need full suggestion thank inadvance


what type of automation is follwed in the project?


In Test Directory, What are the contents in test case designing? if you prepare in excel sheet how u use thrw Test Directory?


Hi all Can u give me the link where we can download full version of qtp my mail id is karthic.venkitapathi@gmail.com


If you are testing a web application then what will you test in that application?