QTP Interview Questions
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How to create runtime property for an object?

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How to handle run time errors?

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How to retrive the property of an object?

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How to open an application through scripting?

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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?


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In 1st screen,if v enter a/c no. in one field, the information of the subscriber will be displayed. The details should be displayed only in screen 3(NOTE:details should not display in screen 2).How can v do using QTP.

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What is the use of Accessibility check point?


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What is the Diff between Image check-point and Bit map Check point?


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How many ways we can parameterize data in QTP?

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How to Import data from a ".xls" file to Data table during Runtime.


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How to supress warnings from the "Test results page"?


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Is there anyway to automatically update the Datasource name in Database Checkpoints object when we migrate tests to a new release?



What is the limitation to XML Checkpoints?


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How to make arguments optional in a function?

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how to download mercury qtp9.2 ny internet ?


Hi, Can we open a test in qtp10 which is saved in qtp 9.2?


i am new QTP... please tell me automation frameworks , types & for whiich type of applications frameworks are used & how to generate script in keyword driven framework


How to find a window is minimized or not


What is QTP scenario.


how did u use automating testing tools in ur job?


what are the utilities and drivers


Hi,All How to create a link in excel sheet using qtp


how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script


Anybody plz give, How do you test aframe in a web page? If page cotain text message or Images, tables?


How can i check items sorted or not in a weblist ? Give me the script for this...


I want to know what are QTP functons and what are VB script functions. What is the difference between them.When we have to use these functions.


Where should i find checkpoint and virtual objects's Object properties and values in the QTP 9.2 Means where checkpoints or virtual objects related data will store If i want to get the runtime object properties how can i use Getroproperties on Checkpoints


I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: ramakrishna908@gmail.com Regards, krishna.


what is ODC and GDC?