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where the check points are stored ?


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what is database check point, how will you parameterize the database from seperate data table?

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How will you handle application crash using recovery scenario manager(step by step process)?

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what is virtual object?

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what is difference between calling a function and reusing an action?

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How QTP support all types of applications (platforms)?


what is difference between application testing and product testing?


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what is throw object ?

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what is run-time data?


How will you enchance the script?

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Can objects recognised without repository?

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where did you automate in your project?(please tell me example senarios)

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any challange that faced in your project? (please give me some examples in your project?

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what is batch testing?

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what is run action?


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whare exactly we have to use functions and sub routain


when I try to run below script in QTP "totalPages" value is 2. But i am getting error message (Type mismatch: 'totalPages' Line (): "For i=1 to totalPages".) totalPages=Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebElem ent("innertext:=of.*").GetROProperty("InnerText") msgbox totalPages For i=1 to totalPages rnum=Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebTa ble("column names:=User Name;ID;Last Name;First Name").GetRowWithCellText("store4") If rnum>0 Then r=rnum Exit for End If Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebElement ("html tag:=A","x:=471").Click MsgBox "Exit" Next


hi, can u tell me the QTP TEsting process in present real time companies?(beware of this... now a days Recording is not using,, only DP) and don't tell note book answers like step 1 spep2....like this .......post answer with professional skills in simple english words) thank u


in qtp if we record a object and we record the object using virtual wizard then by which way the object is recognized that means recorded


How would you directly trigger javascript in a test?


Could any one tell me "How can i recognize my cursor position using QTP 9.2" Give me a scripts for this


What is standalone database?


images are dynamically changes how to compare two images with out using the bitmap


Tell me one scenario, the complex functionality you have automated in your project?


Problem with XML checkpoint in QTP ?


I hav installed QTP8.2, im working on webapplication, while running the script giving error msg like "QTPro.exe generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will restart the program. An error log is being created". Pls anybody what is the problem, what i have to do for this? Thanks...


in a web page hoe to check the dynamic links that rechabging with out using regular expressions


Connect to QC using AOM.


how can i sent QTP results to the Html, notefile ,xl file give me the code using g mail login page


hi frinds i need help .i have 4 + yrs exp in testing and nearly 2 yrs exp in QTP and QC .currently iam working north fast 2 yrs iam looking for job in south is there any openings plz letme know my mail id is pbre1980@gmail.com