QTP Interview Questions
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where the check points are stored ?


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what is database check point, how will you parameterize the database from seperate data table?

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How will you handle application crash using recovery scenario manager(step by step process)?

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what is virtual object?

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what is difference between calling a function and reusing an action?

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How QTP support all types of applications (platforms)?


what is difference between application testing and product testing?


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what is throw object ?

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what is run-time data?


How will you enchance the script?

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Can objects recognised without repository?

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where did you automate in your project?(please tell me example senarios)

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any challange that faced in your project? (please give me some examples in your project?

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what is batch testing?

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what is run action?


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What are the Application Functions available in QTP?


What is meant by Step generator?what is the use of this? we have 3 steps know there what r all those.? can u all pls give me clear idea of this


How do you do batch testing in wr & is it possible to do in qtp, if so explain?


What is the extension of QTP local Repository? If it is .mtr then what is .bdb extension stands for?


If you giving priority as p0, as a developer if I give priority as p2, What happens In user defined function ?


Could i know how how to explain keyword driven framework in interview? If any body knows plz send the explanation.


what is Property......End Property loop? how to write sript for it in QTP


What is the use of sendkeys and what are send keys


How do Parameterization and Data-Driving relate to each other in QTP?


i'm using the qtp to test to vb appliction,i wanted to get the new application's title.i didn't want to use the winAPI to get it ,i 'd like to know whether a QTP function can do it. Eg: SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files\.....","","","" 'run an application, and misure the application is activating,then how to get the hwn wihtout using windowns api


What is business process testing(bpt) in qtp?


Explain the concept of how quicktest professional (qtp) identifies object?


How to use output values in qtp ?


What is standalone database?


www.icici.com ,after this.. home page wll came, in this page what r the items we r going to test for manual and what are items we r going to test for QTP... explian clearly with example