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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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I was very much interested un government jobs like tnpsc.I Need some notes,general knowledge and current affairs...So Please send my email id.............

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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Why India is becoming poor and poor on the other side Rich is becoming rich as per Economic Reform ? what India can do toward economics reform ?

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goverment asked question paper with answer

Ambuja, Government, ITI, RRB, RSB, UPPCL,

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Dear Sir, We had buyed machine from Delhi we had pad CST but we were not aware to entry tax (2006-200)7 we had issue a notice to pay entry tax with penalty our bill amount is 735649 so please let us now how total amount we have to pay.

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please tell me the name of the book or any other source from where i can prepare general awareness questio for bank po post..please help id is


who was the founder of the swaraj party

New India Assurance Company Limited NIACL,

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Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR interview?



Who is empowered by the constitution to summon and to dissolve the lok sabha?

Oriental Insurance, UPSC,

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which has highest literacy rate srilank viyatnam india china

National Insurance Company Limited, NIC,

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Which one of the following represents the fundamental difference between Mahayana Buddhism & Hinayana Buddhism? (a) Emphasis on non-violence (b) casteless society (c) Worship of Gods and Goddesses (d) Worship of Stupa

IB Intelligence Bureau,

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whate is sinbar?

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the sole power to control the expenditure of the government rests with

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great ice-age is related to

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Where is central Rice Research Institute located.


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Un-Answered Questions { General Knowledge_Current Affairs }

when did the fall of bastille happen?


state the full form of cpu.


who won the recent oscar award for indian music?


what is aql


What are your views on the controversial practice of Triple Talaq?


state the seven wonders of the world which is located in india?


pls. LIC ado modle test paper sent me


For unemployed people, which plans are adopted by government?


who is first m.d of apsrtc


Which city is known as diamond city?


The women carrying a weighing measurement, closed her eyes with black ribbon symbolizes which ?


In the Vedic period, the kings collected tax from the people. What was that tax called?


Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR interview?


To which sport is the C.K. Nayudu Trophy related?


How many times in year does the General Assembly of United Nations meet?