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Government Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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Explain the general properties of Enzymes ?

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The 73rd Amendment of the Indian Constitution deals with (a) Panchayati Raj (b) Compulsory Primary Education (c) Nagar Palikas (d) Minimum age for marriage

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Out of all the Union territories only one has a High Court of its own. This Union Territory is: (a) Chandigarh (b) Delhi (c) Lakshadweep (d) Pondicherry

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Who is the final authority for interpreting the Indian Constitution? (1) The President (2) The Sepaker of Lok Sabha (3) Parliament (4) Supreme Court

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Who appoints the Chief Minister of a State? (1) The Governor (2) The Speaker (3) The President of India (4) The Governor in consultation with the Speaker

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The Chairman of the National Commission of Human Rights is (1) Justice V.R. Varm (2) Justice Anand (3) Justice V.R. Krishna Ayyer (4) Justice Jayachandra Reddy

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how can passed exam of LIBRARY JOB AS--- ASST- LIBRARIAN/ LIBRARIAN.

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what is portfolio

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why do you think this course will be benefit to you?

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the largest sector bank in india is

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can any one post Previous question papers of Assistant statistical officers(ASO). which is conducted by APPSC.

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how to calculate the steel for rcc slab? plz tell me the formula for calculating the steel?

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what is n tier ?

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what is general insurance? name 5 types of general insurance.

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Un-Answered Questions

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Government Interview Questions
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