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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The president may for violation of the constitution be removed from the office boy ? a) Impeachment b) A no confidence vote c) The prime minister d) The electrical college consisting of member of parliament and the state legislatures

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In which of the following situation does the president act in his own discretion ? a) In appointing the prime minister b) In returning a proposal to the council of ministers for reconcideration c) Both of these d) None of the above

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Which of the following regarding the election of the president is correct ? a) A candidate securing the majority of votes is not automatically elected b) The supreme court has no jurisdiction in any doubt or dispute arising in connection with the election of the president. c) The presidential election can’t take place when one or more state assembles stand dissolved because all the state assembles from part of the electoral college. d) The total value of the votes allotted to both house of parliament is much more then the total value of the votes of all the states taken together.

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The prime minister, union cabinet minister, chief ministers and council of ministers are all members of ? a) Planning commission b) National development council c) Zonal council d) Regional council

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The president’s rule in a state means that the state in ruled by ? a) The president directly b) A caretaker government c) The chief minister nominated by the president d) The governor of the state

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The chief minister of a union territory whenever such a setup exists, is appointed by ? a) The president b) The prime minister c) The Lt. Governor d) The majority party in the legislature

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Under what article of the constitution of india can the president take over the administration of a state in case its constitutionally machinery breaks down ? a) Art 83 b) Art 352 c) Art 356 d) Art 343

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The president can make laws thought ordinance ? a) Only on subjects contained in the concurrent list b) On certain subjects even when parliament is in session c) During the recess of the parliament d) Under no circumstances

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Which of the following qualifications is not essential for a person to became the vice-president ? a) He must be a graduate b) He must be an Indian citizen c) He must not be less than 35 years d) He must be qualified to be a member of rajya sabha

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How many types of emergency have been visualized in the constitution of india ? a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four

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The impeachment proceedings against the vice president can be initiated ? a) Only in lok sabha b) Only in rajya sabha c) In either house of parliament d) In neither house of parliament

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Who appoints the governor of jammu and Kashmir ? a) Chief minister of the state b) Chief justice of the high court c) President d) Prime minister

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The president of india can be removed from his office by the ? a) Prime minister b) Lok sabha c) Chief justice of india d) Parliament

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If the president returns a bill sent to him for his assent and the parliament once again passes the bill in its original form, then the president ? a) Can once again return the bill for further reconsideration b) Can ask for a referendum on the bill c) Gives assent to the bill d) Can seek the opinion of the supreme court on the bill

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If a minister losses a no-confidence motion, then ? a) The minister resigns b) The whole council of ministers resign c) Lok sabha is dissolved d) Only prime minister and that minister resign

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