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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which of the following is correct regarding the Governor of a state ? a) No money bill can be introduced in the state legislature without his prior permission b) He has the power of issuing ordinances when the legislature is not in session c) He can be recommended to the president to impose president’s rule in the state d) All the above

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If the president wants to resign from office he may do so by writing to the ? a) Vice President b) Chief Justice of India c) Prime Minister d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

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The parliament is not empowered to vote on the expenditure charged on the ‘consolidated fund of india’ which includes the emoulments and allowances of ? a) Prime Minister and his council of ministers b) President of India c) Secretaries of various ministries d) Armed forces of India

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Is the Prime Minister bound to advise the president on matters on which his advice is sought ? a) Yes b) No c) It is discretionary d) Yes, if the council of ministers so desires

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Under which article of the constitution is he president’s rule promulgated on any state in india ? a) 356 b) 326 c) 380 d) 370

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The president’s rule can be proclaimed in a state ? a) When a bill introduced by the state government in the state legislature is defeated b) If the president, on receipt of report from the governor of the state is satisfied that a situation is likely to arise in which the government of the state cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the constitution c) If the president, on receipt of a report from the governor of the state, or otherwise, is the government of the state cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the constitution d) When the Governor and the Chief Minister of a state differ on many matters

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The chairman of the planning commission in india is the ? a) Minister of planning b) Finance minister c) President d) Prime Minister

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When parliament is not in session, the president can promulgate an ordinance which is to be ratified by the parliament within ? a) 6 weeks from the date of issue of ordinance b) 6 weeks from the reassembly of parliament c) 3 months from the date of issue of the ordinance d) 6 months from the reassembly of the parliament

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The president of india is elected by an electoral college comprising of ? a) Elected members of both houses of parliament and state legislative assemblies b) Elected members of both houses of parliament c) Elected members of state legislative assembly d) Elected members of lok sabha and state legislative assemblies

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If the office of the president of india falls vacant, within what time should the next president be elected ? a) Immediately b) Within 2 months c) Within 6 months d) Within 1 year

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The president can proclaim a state of emergency in case of ? a) External aggression or internal disturbances threatening the security of the country b) Failure of constitutional machinery in a particular state c) Threat ot financial stability of the country d) All of the above

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The value of a vote of a member of parliament for the election of the president is determined by dividing the ? a) Nation’s population as per the latest census by the number of lok sabha members b) Nation’s population as per the latest census by the total strength of the two houses of parliament c) The total value of votes of members of all the state legislatie assemblies by the elected members of the two houses of parliament d) Parliament state’s population as per the latest census by the number of members of parliament elected from the state

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In the electiion of the president, the value of the vote of the lok sabha members ? a) Is same b) Differs according to the geographical size of the respective state c) Differs according to the number of votes a member represents d) None of these

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The indian president is ? a) Real Exectutive b) Titular execjutive c) Real/Titular executive d) None of the se

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The minimum age required for becoming the prime minister of india is ? a) 25 b) 30 c) 40 d) 35

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