Manual Testing Interview Questions
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why we go for winrunner ? and when we go for winrunner


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wht is adhoc testing?

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is there any test cases for sanity testingPlease tell me any consultancies or companies both in chennai, bangalore( not in hyderabad), who can provide mail id with an Id( official ID). Iam planning to keep exp. in 3 small companies( not MNCs) iam trying on 3.5 yrs manual testing in chennai,bangalore my mail id

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what is low seviority high priority defet (ex: Yahoo mail)


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this question i got from iflex anybody pls give some useful information. is it possible to get severity1bugs in thirds round testing before release after two rounds of system testing completed?


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what is crud testing ?

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what is mean by mr ?


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ofter combine the sub modules which type of integration testing will be done ? and who will do this ?

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what is crud testing ? and who will do this one ?

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what is the difference between water fall and v model ?

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Please anybody explain the interaction of tester with developers and team lead regarding bugs or any issue, how they interact? How they discuss... Plz be clear in detail

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How you convine the Client that the application is very stable after testing. What type of Document you show to him or anything.


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hi how to answer this: joined newly in a new company, we have to login into the website of a client net is working properly, but u r unable to see the first page of the client website address wat we have to do.

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difference between static and dynamic testing( not just definition) as a 4+ experienced guy

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what we have to read to gain knowledge in banking and financial domain(software testing) for 4+ experience


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what is the common in all s.o.p (standaed operating procedure)?


Discuss what test metrics you feel are important to publish an organization?


write test cases on wall


Explain about PET Model?


what are the various techniques you will use as soon as the srs was given to you to speedup the testing?


Could some one tell me test cases for multi line text boxes like Notes field?


what is the difference between PEGA based web application testing versus web application testing?


Can any one please tell me which is the best institute in Bangalore to learn QA (crash course)? Thanks


Write the 10 high test cases for making video call/face time


I know functional test cases are derived from frs and system design specs. But are test cases for performance, database, boundary, relational integrity and other types of tests other than functional tests created from frs and system design specs as well? When are these test cases created? Are they in the same test plans alongside functional test cases or is their a different test plan that includes these test cases?


what are the test bugs


What is QCM?


hi this is chik here iam showing my current project ERP and am prepair in hr model please tell me details about it and what all function test in hr model and give me some test caserelated to this module.Please tell me am faceing lots of problem in interview am not able to explain in interview please help me out my id is


Why do you need to parameterize fields in your virtual user script?


hi i want manual testing interview question(3+exp)please tell me