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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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which module ur following in ur company?

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what is bug tracebility matrix and it's formet?

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what is requirement tracebility and it's format

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wat is the diffrence b/n dyanamic blackbox testing and static black box testing.and which one is better


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prepare test cases for file copy paste.

Approva, MSEB,

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What is Testcase? How to define seviority and priority of a bug?Explain me with example?

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what is "test strategy"?

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what are the exact testing types you involved when testing the webapplication testing and clent server application testing?have u find differene interms of testig?


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what is black phase in SDLC

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Give me examples for high severity and low priority defects?

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What is gamma testing?

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Hai all can anyone tell me wat is the diff betn Build and version and is there any file extenction for build and version if so wat is it..And How to deploy the build and version for development or testing.. Cheers,


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When we will do Retesting? Only after Bug fixation?Is there any other case?


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how The engineer communicates wiht T.L as well as test manager, In wich situation this type of i mean serious commnication takes place(give me one real time example).and how the interaction will takes place between tester and client can anybody plz clatify me.


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How to prepare Test data?


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What is exploratory testing and when should it be performed?


How will you prepare traceability matrix if there is no Business Doc and Functional Doc?


What is rapid application development model (rad)?


Can you explain tailoring?


please give information about ERP Projects and how V-model use in project


What are the RBI rules has to follow by a bank for online precesseing. ?


How will u decide test data to see that evey feature is thoroughly tested


What Is risk Based testing?


i have 2.5 years of experience in manual testing and qtp. can anyone say me what kind of questions do they ask on manual testing and qtp.


can anybody send the project you have tested with the clear descriptions,and recent bugs u found in that


Can anybody write the test cases for the following scenario. I want to create District. for that, District Code field, District Name field, Reset button, Submit button, Back button are there in the screen. whenever we enter District Code & District Name in the related fields, by clicking on Submit button, District should be created. By clicking on Reset button, all fieds should be cleared. By clicking on Back button, user should navigate to home page. Can you write the test cases for the scenario. I want to know the test case format for the scenario. what procedure is the best. tahnks in advance...


what is metrics in software testing? give me a brief detail about it?


how will you test transfer funds module...explain in detail


what is the cheklist to check SRS document (after releasing) as a test ingineer and how can we check


In manual testing, what are stubs and drivers?