Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Describe Software Testing life cycle? What are the steps in volved in STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)?


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How to write negative testcase?

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Which methodology u follow in testcase?

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How many types of testcases can be prepare.

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What is Mean by V-Module?

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May i know high priority&low seviarity,high seviarity&low priority

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Suppose that your're running tests on the windows calculator and find that 1+1=2,2+2=5,3+3=6,4+4=9,5+5=10 and 6+6=13. Write a bug title and Bug Description that effectively describes this problem?


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Assuming you're given the File->Print Page of MS Word to test,what test cases would you write to test the 'Number Of Copies' field(the max. Permissible value being 32767]?


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Prepare a set of test cases you would use to test a 'Corded telephone?


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Black Box testing attempts to find errors in which of the follwing categories 1)Incorrect or missing functions 2) Interface errors 3)Performence errors?

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what is difference between severity and priority? what is difference between bug and defect?

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what is test case? what it consists? what are the types of test cases?


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Suppose if you have given Login screen to Test. What type of tests r u going to do on that.How many test cases can u write.?

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For Web Applications what type of tests r u going to do .. tell me the Importent ones..

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How do u find Synchronization problems manually?


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1.what is the approach while writing test cases in your project. 2.tell some intresting scenareo in your project


What are differences between Testing in Uncontrolled Environment and Abnormal Environment?


which of the following is not a coding defect? Option 1 Test harness defect Option 2 Data flow defect Option 3 Initialisation defect Option 4 Algorithmic defect


what is localization and globalization.and what are the ways way are going to test the particular application?how can we identify factual, visual, corrupted characters, link errors, formatting errors, etc in locallization?iam going to attend the interview on localization concepts and languages like : German, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish .tell me the process how to do testing above concepts let me know its 9908814046


Please explain how to elaborate on the types of system/functionality for testing Payments, Statements, & Transactions features in a what do we test in these,in detail? It's urgent, please reply...thanks in advance.


How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?


What r the risks involved in testing?


In Quality Center, If we can reuse a non reusable test script as template test, then what is the need of defining reusable test scripts? What additional functionality does Reusable test scripts add when compared to non reusable test scripts?


Any one send me sample question for multimedia testing with microsoft access database. I am having interview next week. Please post it or send me my personal e-mail. Thank You


Hi there, I am new to the world of testing. Is there any place where I can have a look at an actual specification documents or test plans or test cases. This will help me in generating a level of confidence. Looking forward to your replies


Is compatabilitytestig and port testing are same


HI, This question is Investment Banking domain related Question. I was asked in an Interview to tell the 5 test cases for Equity,Bond,Futures and options. Please help.. Pragya


What type of metrics would you use?


When we use integration testing for any new system so why we required system testing.


Give an example for pre testing and post testing ?