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University Exams Interview Questions
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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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Black Box testing attempts to find errors in which of the follwing categories 1)Incorrect or missing functions 2) Interface errors 3)Performence errors?

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give two examples of plants in which you can find free central placentation?

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how many flip flops you require for modulo 19 counter

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distinguish between multi-tasking,multi-user,multi- processing and time sharing?

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How many ways I can redirect a PHP page?

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Which of the following is not a Central Government Tax? 1 Income tax 2 Customs 3 Land tax 4 Corporation tax

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what is the function of commutator in dc motor?

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what is the difference between fork() & exec()

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Write a C Program to create a structured data file named Student.dat to store the roll no, name and course. Provide following functions: 1. Accept the values from the user using structure variables. Store the contents in a file. 2. Display the file. 3. The user should be able to add new records to the existing file. And display the new file.

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hash function,hash table,linked list,binary tree traversal

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what message is sent to an application when the user presses the primary button?


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