Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is role of the tester in an organaisation and project? what is the daily work of tester?

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Can anyone explein me the differences between Product Testing and Project Testing??????


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what is the difference between Test strategy and test plan?


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what is meant by spiral model?explain with picture?


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what is the testing process followed in your company?

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say me any problem u faced in the project after delivering to client?

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if a problem on client side is restarting of PC then what are u going to do and say me the methods to solve the problem?

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in SDLC,at what phase life cycle stops?and what are the input and output of each phase?

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What is the difference between smoke and sanity testing? and when we perform smoke testing and when we perform sanity testing?

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what are the different type of bugs in client server and web based?and what is the difference in testing client server and web based?

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what is definition of functional and security testing


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McroSoft Six rules standard for Userinterface testing?


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What are the different testable items in GUI testing?


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what r the contents in srs?(like test plan).2.wt r the contents in design documents? ,3.who wil deploy the new build 2 the tester?( this que asked in ibm)

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any one plz send me test cases on fan,pen,glass,cell phone,mouse and printingpage


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Katari your questions was really helpful could you please send the questions and answers with them . Can anyone sends the top 30-40 question and answers for the interview purposes


What are the typical risks that you identify during test planning and their mitigation plan and Contengency plan.


What is difference between web site testing, desktop application testing and wireless application testing? what is the difference in testing strategy to test them?


Tell me some Adhoc testing scenarios of ebay (online auction product)?


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How to validate a Testcase.and is the testing Methodology.


What are the possible test scenarios around AVS check of any credit card? (Testing through payment gateway online) (What are the fields we should check while checking AVS and CVV)


What is the difference between code walkthrough and code review? What is the difference between walkthrough and inspection?


I studied MBA, I want learn any softwarecourse, which course is better hadoop or testing tools(manual+selenium?)


You want a automation tool to be used for your project. How will you convince the client for the same. Please give me specific answer.


Tell me example for Risk,Mitigation,Assumption?


Hi i am looking for Test Engineer Job, i have done the course, but i don't have work experience on it, Is it So important to have real time Exp or knowledge is enough? and please let me know like how i can improve for the interview. You can send me a mail on this id:


Upps..., sorry my email id is this : Thanks in advanced.


what are the possible test cases for online jobs search portal..if its a job seeker module and any 1 if u had worked on this proj pls share the bugs with sev and priority pls frends i need replies for these queries ..thanks in advance


hello frens. Im Arun from the uk. im planning to apply for tester jobs with 3yrs experience. the problem is i dont have resumes. i have to mention atleast 3 projects (preferably financial projects) in my CV. im totally blank. can u plz send ur CV's to my email.... this would be a great help from you guyz. n u need any help from me? just mail me n ill get in touch with u. Thanx.