Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Who will prepare the Tracaility Matrix?


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What is there in the final Test Summary Report


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Why most of the people saying testing is easy job? an you justify?


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What is the Input of Testcase?


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EXplain the diffeenet types of bugs.....

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After receiving the bug as fixed , what types of tests we will continue...


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What are the Blackbox Testing Techniques?


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What is Static & dynamic Testing?

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What is the need of testing? Give three reasons....

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The Managment is saying Stop Testing immediately some reasons.... What will you do at that time....


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what are the testing methodologies?

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What type of testing you are doing ?


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What type of testing process is going on your company ?


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what u will do when u have no sufficient time to test the application build release? plz describe it briefly and help me knowing the answer?

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how do give priority?i mean to say on which basics? suggest me with proper answer plz.


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can any one explain me briefly erp pharma project including all modules,like how to tell this project in interview in terms of s/w testing


What is difference between web site testing, desktop application testing and wireless application testing? what is the difference in testing strategy to test them?


How many bugs occured will be considerd appropriate over 1000 steps when inspecting software? Describle an approriate Bug value.


Hi, My name is Dinesh.I want to prepare for ISTQB certification , So can anyone please email me the syllabus of it and what is criteria for giving exam.Please email me answers at:


Can anybody give me some tips on how to face telephonic interview and Write some expected telephonic questions as a 2+yr exp. in testing. Try to give Ques. that u already hv faced in telephone. Plz Help me out friends.


What are joins and subjoins in the data bases what is data driven testing what is verification and validation What is Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Is Verification is related to QA and Validation is related to QC ? which type of model you follow basically in your project what is a use case How to test a Bike how to test a Lift (Elevator). which configuration Management tool do you use which Bug tracking tool do you use explain Bug life cycle what is Regression testing what is ALPHA testing ans BETA testing What types of testings comes under Non functional testing what is TEST DIRECTOR what is CMM and CMM i whar are Expressions in Winrunner What is a Compile module Is it Necessary to open the tool first or the application first after getting a bug what will you do if you add a new object or a new module for the existing application then how will you test the application which Defect tracking tool do you use what is change management What is smoke Testing what is sanity testing A application is given to you but the requirements and functionalities are missing what will you do to start the testing which testing documents will be received by the client


Tell me about Agile scrum and what is your role in Scrum ?


what are metrics and what are metrics did u collect in you are project


What is meant my Firewall testing? how the testing is performed on it?


Tell me some Adhoc testing scenarios of ebay (online auction product)?


can u write some high level scenarios on ms outlook express


What is neutral test case?


Can any one give a summary of testing a territory management system? what would be the test scenarios, few test cases. how it works.


how will we change the server system time?


if yahoo ceo asks you to do performance testing for yahoo site, what are the inputs you ask from them?