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What type of testing process is going on your company ?

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What type of testing process is going on your company ?..

Answer / nsamudrala

Specially Manual testing, in need time automation testing

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What type of testing process is going on your company ?..

Answer / kiran.b

the steps of test life cycle:-
test initialisation->
test planning->
test design->
test execution->
test reporting->
test closure.

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example of high severity and low priority bug.

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Acceptance testing is designed whether or not the software is FIT for the user to use. The concept of FIT is important in both design and testing. There are four components of FIT. State these 4 components?

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is it possible to check the Recording/play back in white box testing?

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can any tell me wht is difference between Quality Assurance, Quality Analysist? QA stands for Quality Assurance or Quality analysist?

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A defect posted by another tester, and it is fixed, and that fixed bug has come to you for testing, and you don't know the functionality, what do you do ?

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what is the preference when we perform manual testing- either FEATURES or FUNCTIONALITY ?

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