Manual Testing Interview Questions
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There are no requriments, coding is been developed to the project without srs,brs document how u are going to prepare test case?


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will any real time user send me any dummy r real time copy of traceability matrix.

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what is means by feature to be tested in test plan

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Importance (Testing)QC and QA activities of a company?

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diffrence between banking domain and medical domain


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what is localization testing?is it a black box testing or white box testing?describe briefly?

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what techinques do u follow in suring testing?


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Hi all, Am a new comer of this site, and into testing. Basically a BBA graduate, a fresher in IT industry..well am doing my testing course in STC.., chennai. Cld anyone send me across few testcases.. Thankyou

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In an application where there is no need of regession testing and retesting?


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What techinques do you follow during testing?

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what is meant by defect bash?


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what is meant by port testing?

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What is meant by buddy testing?

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Explain about performanece testing?


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Explain about PET Model?



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how will you test transfer funds module...explain in detail


need answer interviewer will ask me about all project which i mention in resume or presently i'm working??please reply tomorrow is my interview


can u write some high level scenarios on ms outlook express


What type bugs you will find in integration testing with example?


hai friends, I need clarifications for some doubts in testing terminology. 1.What is thread testing. 2.What is bucket testing and which automated tool is used to do this test. 3. ERP testin automation testing. 4.What is Data Warehousing testing? 5.What is Implementation testing? 6.What is Shake out testing? please let me have the clarifications in detail


What do you mean by Cause Effect Graphing? in which standard its mentioned?


consider therez 1 land and it has mango trees in it, what are the tets cases or how will we count no of mangoes on all trees


What processes/methodologies are you familiar with?


Changes and enhancements to system?


hi, this is geetha, i have one doubt regarding the vulnerability testing. For sql injection testing is there any need for the tools to be installed. If it is what is tool and what is the method to test in sql injection testing. Plz Guide me


whar are the contents in db testing test case template


What is defect validity ratio?


Describe a past experience with implementing a test harness in the development of software.


i have done B.E. computer in 2009 i have done software testing course and also 6 months exp in testing on live project as trainee, now a days i am searching job in pune. can any one tell me any opening in pune?


What is your Approach when you find 10 Sev-1 bugs in 50 test cases?