Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is a bug?


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give five problems in software devlopment process?


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what do u like in QA?


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differentiate between QA and QC?


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how load testing is different from regression testing?


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is functional and black box testing same or not

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what is test condition?how do u rank a test condition?

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what is reqirements testing and risk based testing?

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What is the testing process followed in ur company?

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Developres release the build with known bugs , then how will u(as a tester) write defect reports without developer known bugs .

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diff stages between open and fixed status in defect bug cycle


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what type of questions we can ask the interviewer after finishing of the interview?

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what is testing

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what is testing

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whatis the diffrence bug ,error,defect


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what s test block ratio? please any one answer me..


What is CVS and why it is used?


Could someone please send me real check list for Database Security testing.Please my mail ID- Thanks.


how agile testing is performed and what are the related documents.


Describe your experiences with code analyzers.


Write a set of test cases to test youtube?


*) Internal review defect gets detected… 1) During peer review. 2) By the own stuff member onsite/offshore. 3) During Informal review process. 4) None of these 5) All of these


What is mean by Schedule report who is the responsible for generated that one ?


Give me an example of something you tried at work but did not work out so you had to go at things another way.


which test strategy your are fallowing in your company?which documents u r using in software development life cycle?


How will you prepare traceability matrix if there is no Business Doc and Functional Doc?


Hello, I want to know how to write a regression test plan? Can someone please send me the format/template? Thanks in advance


HI FRNDS, I HAVE 2.5 years OF exp In Manual Testing,Plz let me know if thr r any oppurtunities in any company in Bangalore Thanks in Advance


How do you get programmers to build testability support into their code?


hello there, can anyone tell me what type of question does lg soft company ask in written test especially for a quant part? Thanku