Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is meant by Priority nad severity?


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what is meant by Priority nad severity?

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what are the contents of FRS?


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what are the differnt error code that comes when an error occured in web application?


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suppose if you press a link in yahooshopping site in leads to some other company website?how to test if any problem in linking from one site to another site?


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what is difference between testing and development in your view?


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How you test database and explain the procedure?


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what is meant by host files web application testing?



testing is a procedure or methodology,diff between methodoly and procedure?

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do u know abt configuration management tool,what is the purpose of maintaining all the documents in configuration manage ment tool?

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do u know abt integration testing,how do u intregate diff modules?

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write test 5 negative test cases for pen?

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testing is a process or methodology,diff between methodology and process?

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what is the difference between functional testing and regresion testing


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test cases for internet explorer

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I am a ISTQB cerfity tester with 3 yrs experience(kolkata) , I left my current commpany due to some problem but since two months I did not get new job , why? is my age is 33 yrs and I am married . If anybody have any answer please let me know, my email id


what is the general pattern of explanation of projects in interview, can u ans me plz.......... ex: online banking application


sanity testing is done during regression it true.if it is true plz explain?


What does 100% statement coverage mean?


hi sir, i completed my GNIIT from NIIT. i recently joined in IT company for Testing(manual) on JD EDWARDS.So,i wanna to ask that after taking 1yr experience can i able to do Testing .NET in another company.Pl i am confused pl send yours suggestion throw my email(


Which of these techniques is not useful for partition testing at the class level Option 1 attribute-based partitioning Option 2 category-based partitioning Option 3 equivalence class partitioning Option 4 state-based partitioning


online demo for bug tracker tool(let me know the website)


List the considerations in developing testing methodology


how to test the case with 5 combination and inputs


Q) Create Preffered customer: As a customer when i purchase more than $5000 in goods since my first purchase, I become a preffered customer so that i can receive the benefits associated with that status.


How does compatibility testing differ while testing in Internet explorer and testing in Firefox?


whats the reason to display the password(not in encrypted form) in the script in load runner but not in QTP?


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What is test management?


When first time we are testing the screen then we have to write that this screen should contains so & so columns [ suppose there r 10 columns on that screen]in the expected result