Manual Testing Interview Questions
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. Batch testing in how many ways u perform in QTP ?

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suppose the product/appication has to deliver to client at 5.00PM,At that time you or your team member caught a high severity defect at 3PM.(Remember defect is high severity) But the the client is cannot wait for long time.You should deliver the product at 5.00Pm exactly.then what is the procedure you follow?

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Explain your web application archtechture?


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What are the different servers and difference between them?



what are the general problems in web testing?


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What is difference between the Web application testing and Client Server testing?


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what is meant by application server and its functions?

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explain current project?


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what is your current team size?


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What is meant by datadriven test?


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why you choosed testing as a carrer?


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What is difference between SDLC and STLC?

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what are the contents of SRS documents?

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what is basis for testcase review?


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give me some example for high severity and low priority defect?

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In what situation would you want to parameterize a text verification check?


Diffrernce between client server testing and web server testing.


Hi, this is not a tech question, i have 4 yrs of experience in Mainframe systems, presently as a mainframe tester in pune, i just want to step towards south locatios(preferable hyd), suggest me the best way to get calls from hyd.


What is common interface?


Can anyone please answer the below question on Manual Testing: Tell me about atleast 5 bugs you come across in your last testing?


how to explain banking domain project in testing?


What are the queries mostly asked in testing ? give me some examples.


what is the difference between test case and result matrix


What is Registry?


how to access a build & wat is its configuration


hi this is chik here iam showing my current project ERP and am prepair in hr model please tell me details about it and what all function test in hr model and give me some test caserelated to this module.Please tell me am faceing lots of problem in interview am not able to explain in interview please help me out my id is


Can anybody write the test cases for the following scenario. I want to create District. for that, District Code field, District Name field, Reset button, Submit button, Back button are there in the screen. whenever we enter District Code & District Name in the related fields, by clicking on Submit button, District should be created. By clicking on Reset button, all fieds should be cleared. By clicking on Back button, user should navigate to home page. Can you write the test cases for the scenario. I want to know the test case format for the scenario. what procedure is the best. tahnks in advance...


what are the test bugs


Do you know anything about Set Top Boxes?


what is API 2.0?