Manual Testing Interview Questions
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. Batch testing in how many ways u perform in QTP ?

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suppose the product/appication has to deliver to client at 5.00PM,At that time you or your team member caught a high severity defect at 3PM.(Remember defect is high severity) But the the client is cannot wait for long time.You should deliver the product at 5.00Pm exactly.then what is the procedure you follow?

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Explain your web application archtechture?


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What are the different servers and difference between them?



what are the general problems in web testing?


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What is difference between the Web application testing and Client Server testing?


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what is meant by application server and its functions?

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explain current project?


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what is your current team size?


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What is meant by datadriven test?


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why you choosed testing as a carrer?


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What is difference between SDLC and STLC?

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what are the contents of SRS documents?

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what is basis for testcase review?


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give me some example for high severity and low priority defect?

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What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?


Explain Testing process in your organization?


what is conditional testing? explain and examples


do we need to write test cases for workflow of the product for instance: there is 2 module "TRAINING ASSIGN MODULE" and "EMPLOYEE" in TRAINING assign MODULE iam assigning training to employee setp is 1.selct traning "oracle" employee u want assign "peter" 3.apply. now to check whether training assign or not GOTO EMPLOYEE module on "peter" on 'view assign to employee' this is a flow do i need to write test cases for this fllow.plz help me guy mail me


what is prototyping model,RAD model V model, spiral model?????


Can any one say me how to do Performance testing step by step plz for a desktop application(offline application).all the data is stored in internal server itself can any plz help me. ts quite urgent friends.


What is XML Testing? Do we have any tools to test the XML? Please let me know.


which sanity testing is performed?


what is the difference between PEGA based web application testing versus web application testing?


I have 2 years of exp. in testing and looking for a change if any body knows, about any vacancy in testing then plz contact me on


where do we work with Application, web and Database servers Means which type of applications.


if go through 1 or 2 projects clearly,then i feel comfortable to search the job,please help me


List the type of testing perform to test microsoft excel 2003 give atleast 1 example of each type


Hi, what do you mean by internal auditing? what are the things they do in internal auditing?what they review? THNX in Advance


in transfer funds module, how you come to know that amount has been transferred successfully or not....explain in detail