Manual Testing Interview Questions
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. Batch testing in how many ways u perform in QTP ?

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suppose the product/appication has to deliver to client at 5.00PM,At that time you or your team member caught a high severity defect at 3PM.(Remember defect is high severity) But the the client is cannot wait for long time.You should deliver the product at 5.00Pm exactly.then what is the procedure you follow?

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Explain your web application archtechture?


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What are the different servers and difference between them?



what are the general problems in web testing?


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What is difference between the Web application testing and Client Server testing?


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what is meant by application server and its functions?

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explain current project?


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what is your current team size?


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What is meant by datadriven test?


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why you choosed testing as a carrer?


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What is difference between SDLC and STLC?

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what are the contents of SRS documents?

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what is basis for testcase review?


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give me some example for high severity and low priority defect?

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What are the cases why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server?


How can a LOG for testcases be maitained which can give information about a TestCase that is it new one or has been occured in previous versions of the software.


What do you mean by Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and User Acceptance Testing and when do you do them?


how deployment phase of SDLC differs in product based and in service based company ?


What is data matrix? What is the use of it?


What is meant by Boundary value analisis and Equalence partitioning? Can give derive this using these methods? In a system designed to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has £4000 of salary tax free. The next £1500 is taxed at 10% The next £28000 is taxed at 22% Any further amount is taxed at 40% Which of these groups of numbers would fall into the same equivalence class? a) £4800; £14000; £28000 b) £5200; £5500; £28000 c) £28001; £32000; £35000 d) £5800; £28000; £32000


what is the general pattern of explanation of projects in interview, can u ans me plz.......... ex: online banking application


What are the various test case for google analytics, api keys , pay pal if you know please post me a answer. And how we will test


after completeing testing ,what would u deliver to the client?


Hi, this is not a tech question, i have 4 yrs of experience in Mainframe systems, presently as a mainframe tester in pune, i just want to step towards south locatios(preferable hyd), suggest me the best way to get calls from hyd.


Difference between smoke and sanity testing


How a test engineer will convince a test lead when he didn't approve the bug as a report ???


What expected result should come when Enter any sql query like “Select * from hello;” without quotes and with quotes.


What are drawbacks in system development life cycle


Inwhat basis the time is allocated for testing the application?