How you test database and explain the procedure?

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How you test database and explain the procedure?..

Answer / anil k chowdary

This is not a very good question. Database Testing is
purely done based on the requirements. You may generalize a
few features but they won't be complete.

In general we look at

1. Data Correctness (Defaults)
2. Data Storage/Retreival
3. Database Connectivity (across multiple platforms)
4. Database Indexing
5. Data Integrity
6. Data Security

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How you test database and explain the procedure?..

Answer / ajay

Database testing is basically used to test the data
correctness,Database Storage,Connectivity of database with
the application,Duplicate check of Data.

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How you test database and explain the procedure?..

Answer / lingareddy

database testing: testing the backend databases like comparing actual result with expected result.
for example : when the user entered data into the front end then the data should be stored backend database or not.
below are point by using database testing.
1)data integrity
2)data validity
4)stored procedures

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