Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is internalization?


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what are 5 common problems in software development process?

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what is Application state,Base state and call state?

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A Good Test Case Means..?

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A Succesful testcase Means..?


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Who will assign the work to Test Engineer?

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How do you do Data Base Testing?

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You reported a Bug.The developers are saying that it's not a Bug even though it is..How you are going to prove that it's a Bug?

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How to test API's?

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what is Project Sign Off?what you consider at this point?

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What you consider at the time of Module Integration?

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what you consider in security testing particularly in web applications?


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What is Test Responsibility Matrix?

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what is Tracebelity Matrix?

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Describe any bug you remember.


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what are the test bugs


Hi friends Does anyone have screen shot of POWERMHS and please can anyone post anything which will be helpful to understand POWERMHS. thanks.


how to write test cases both negative and positive .source to destination and booking form


What is difference between Bug resolution meeting & Bug Review Committee? Who are participants?


which domain is of high demand for software testing, Right now i am working in Education domain .How about demand for Education domain and which companies are recruiting in education domain


Being an Manual tester, what will be the role or activity in test plan ?


What is neutral test case?


.In languages testing, what is the fixed part and changing part?


Can i get answers for telecom testing for eg telecom billing rating can be tested


Hi there Does anybody can respond to my Questions? Is some one there to answer my Questions posted in Software testing category.pls E-mail to


Genarally what we have to tell. If anybody asks in the interview. what are challenges u faced in the Project and what are the Risks u faced in the Project, Anybody can suggest it ......Thanks in Advance....


what comments have u given in peer review? tell me at least 3 comments what u have given? july27


What is defect validity ratio?


hi sir, i completed my GNIIT from NIIT. i recently joined in IT company for Testing(manual) on JD EDWARDS.So,i wanna to ask that after taking 1yr experience can i able to do Testing .NET in another company.Pl i am confused pl send yours suggestion throw my email(


What is your daily process? I have 2+EXP IN MANUAL TESTING.PLEASE SUGGEST ME HOW i ANSWER