Manual Testing Interview Questions
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can you please tell me when we do function testing in manual testing what we have to test first what we do first please give me right answer this my first project please help me advance thank you for give me right answer

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Hi All, Need a little help in understanding cookie testing. Can any1 please tell me were are the cookies stored in win xp, vista, 7? Is the location same for both 32 bit and 64 bit machine? All all cookie data encrypted? If no, which type of cookie data are encrypted and why? Need this as soon as possible. Thanking you all in advance.

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Hi can any bady tell me who provide QA,QTP,QC,training please let me know i need help i want get training thanks in advance

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How to perform the end to end testing or system testing for the Railway ticket booking application?


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What is Stub and Driver ? What functions are used in stubs and driver?


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what are the testing measurements?

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Who will Prepare the Tracebility Matrix?

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hi this is ashok , i never worked in medical domain , can any one pls send me with proper exaple pls Question is while emergency or normal patitent enter into hospital he entered his first and last name and he enter emergency coloumn , write test case on these ,


NOte pad Testing Q : How to test the notepad "Font size" and "Word Wrap" Options. How to test the relation between these two option.

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What would be your action if client would raise a bug after release?


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If you stuck somewhere while reproducing defect then what will you do?


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What are similarities of Agile and Scrum?

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What kind of interview questions can I expect for an entry level(2 years of exp) software testing position. I am attending for the first interview and bit nervous what to prepare and how to prepare.the company I applied is a product(anti virus software) based company. so what kind of questions can I expect .please help me for preparing .

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How to write mail to bug report in manual testing with example?

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I have 3 years of experience as a software manual tester. What can i study further for a career growth. Please advice if there is anything apart from automation testing


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test cases for Insurance Processing System ?


Hi to all..Now am working at one company as Software tester..I have selected for Accenture via one consultancy.. They have told that joining date will be on 19 th july..But now they are postponed joining date..whether i can trust that or not?Can u plz tell??plzz..whether i can put my paper to releive or not? CAn u telll?


How do you go about testing a project?


what is independent question and what is retriewing and what is problem of severity.


Easiest way to write test cases? How i can learn writing the test cases?


What processes/methodologies are you familiar with?


In cycle 1 we have 100 test cases out of which 95 test cases are PASS and 5 test cases are FAIL. So in cycle 2 how many test cases performed as a part of regression testing?


What is QCM?


Genarally what we have to tell. If anybody asks in the interview. what are challenges u faced in the Project and what are the Risks u faced in the Project, Anybody can suggest it ......Thanks in Advance....


As you are working with cmmi level 5 company ,can you tell me what processes you r following as QA engineer?


How the application is launched to the production environment?


Can test condition,testcase and testscript help u in performing the static testing


Diffrernce between client server testing and web server testing.


What are the basic forms of variations?


what is test scenario and test condition?