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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How do test cookie? There is any benifits of this? (This is in reference on clientside at the time of request for new page which can send cookie value)

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What is security Hole ? Is this possible Some one can acess any of restricted page (like admin side)? How you test this previllaze?

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What is Test data ?Whrere we are using this in testing process? what are the importance of this data?

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Why tester should know database concepts?

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What is bud testing?

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please explain me with example of this question. diff between bug and diffect. don't give def please give answer with example.


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What are the types of testing that apply in web applications and not in client/server application (Ex. Broken links i.e there in web, not there in client/server) and also the vice versa


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What is the difference between Monkey testing an Ad-hoc testing (If ur answer is same, then why we need two names)

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What is the type of testing that you apply for maintenance phase in V-Model


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HOw to test website manually? Is it any criteria to test ?


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What are the document required to prepare during testing?

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How to test URl of a website manualy?

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What thing should be tested in regresson testing?

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what are the factor taken under website testing manually?

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How GUI testing will be done in manual testing for a website?

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1.Enlist the types of testing performed for any window in sequence? 2.Use of edit_get_list function 3.Accuracy & Precision


What is bug severity?


what is test scenario and test condition?


How do you test for the coockies for a web application?


What are the various test case for google analytics, api keys , pay pal if you know please post me a answer. And how we will test


How can I done a Web Testing? Which steps are include in it?


what is localization and globalization.and what are the ways way are going to test the particular application?how can we identify factual, visual, corrupted characters, link errors, formatting errors, etc in locallization?iam going to attend the interview on localization concepts and languages like : German, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish .tell me the process how to do testing above concepts let me know its 9908814046


When we use integration testing for any new system so why we required system testing.


How you test a product if the requirements are yet to freeze?


Hi Friends, I wish to start my career in manual Testing as I believe I am ready to face Interviews.I have good domain knowledge in banking(investment and retail) and insurance.To be in the competition I have added three years of testing experience to my CV apart from my domain experience. Can someone please advice some real time tips which can help in facing the interview. Thanks in advance


What is the typical situation u faced while collecting the test data?


value momentum


Can you please explain about the erp project


Hi,all i have a desktop App. which have a feature, It's a demo version if u want full version then u have to perches it. Pls give me some idea ASAP how can i break the App.


What a team leader will test first when s/he will get new module to test?