Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the difference between high level design and low level design with example

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What is 'Shows stopper Bug'


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what is defect leakage?

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How do work in Cilent server Application?

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What is Industrical Automation?

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How do menation in requirement no in testcase? CRS document should be change.Add new requirement in between in previous CRS. How do assain no in requirement. How do menation in testcase?

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Can anyone tell me what should be the test cases for Security Testing?

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Hi, Can any one tel me what is meant by adhoc testing

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what is test leakage?


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what is the difference between agile and spiral model?

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What is the Benefit of "V-Model"...?


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What is the difference between Functional and Regression testing?

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What is the difference between performing testing the Desktop, web application & client/server application?


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what is the difference between softsmith qamonitor and bugzilla?

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what is the use case and what is the test case?

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what are the risks and contingencies u had in ur project?


If automating - what is your process for determining what to automate and in what order


What are testing techniques? What is difference between general and specific?


What is Stability and Performance Testing in Testing the TV


can any one post the format of tracebility martrix Plz...... Maid Id:


What is an audit report? Whom is it done by?


hi friends i recently finished testing course in am looking for a job in uk.i need help about the projects in interview point.can any one explain me abt banking project or credit what are the problems faced in u r last project etc.


How can I use bugzilla in my company to track a bug and to allow the client to see the bug report online throughbugzilla. Please explain in detail. I am really need this.


Hello can anybody list out supported and unsupported browsers for Window OS,Android OS,MAC OS Ubuntu


iam having 2+yr sof exp in manual testing, at present working in chennai,want to relocte to hyd .if any openings let me id :


what is prototyping model,RAD model V model, spiral model?????


how to clarify functional requirements and non functional requirements in a srs?


what is the difference between Desktop testing,Client/server testing and webapplication testing


If anybody from banglore having the real time exp in manual testing with 3+ yrs exp and looking for change send your profile to


Hi Friends, Can anubody give me brief overview of Automation tools.. (basics of tools-summary)of following tools? 1.Qualty Center 2.Load Runner 3.Win Runner 4.Q.T.P mail me on