Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is difference b/w test case and test scenario?


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what is Test management fundamental?


Defect management

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1.Testing engineer find a new bugs But that function not avaiable in testcase. How do approach the develper to fixes bugs ?

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1. Testing engineer find a bugs but develper not accepted that bugs ? How do fixes the bugs?

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1.Alpha testing done by develping environment. Testing is done by before release or After release builds ?

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Why you had chosen testing career?


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what is suspension criteria in your test paln and explain one suspension criteria in your test paln,... pls give one real time example


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what type of testing you do for web based applications than client-sever application ...pls expaline


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In your company what process you are follwing from requirements to testing explain, pls anybody have real time experience and pls expain process...pls

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difference between QA and QC?

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Want to write ISTQB foundation level exam on MAY. But not yet collect a proper book nor recent dumps.Please anyone can share with me recent dumps for 2011 syllabus.or any pdf.Please its a urgent request

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what is the difference between smoke, sanity and dry run testing?


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Why we write test case?

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Write test cases on duster


whats the reason to display the password(not in encrypted form) in the script in load runner but not in QTP?


What is your daily process? I have 2+EXP IN MANUAL TESTING.PLEASE SUGGEST ME HOW i ANSWER


What knowledge I must have as a 3 yrs. manual tester??


what comments have u given in peer review? tell me at least 3 comments what u have given? july27


tell me some major and minor defects in ur net banking project?


need answer interviewer will ask me about all project which i mention in resume or presently i'm working??please reply tomorrow is my interview


Hi Please tell me about ERP Project how do describe in interview Please tell me details about this project my id is


write test case for gmail sign up page?


i need some objective type papers for my certification


You may be overqualified for this position we have to offer


Can any one give a summary of testing a territory management system? what would be the test scenarios, few test cases. how it works.


Hi ALl, Can you please list out Q & A for Test Lead,which Interviewer may ask in interview for Test Lead position


iam new testing, i want improve writing test cases and bug defect etc? any on give suggestion pls?


how to write the test cases for mark as read/unread mails for gmail inbox?and what are the testings we will do?