Manual Testing Interview Questions
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is software testing easy ??? Give me perfect Ans.


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What is the difference between windows application and Client server application ?


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who do the sanity and smoke please explain me at what time this type of testing will do

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expalin integration tsting who will perform ths type of testing at what time will do


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What are the meetings conducted your company


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If we found a bug but that bug is not accepted by developer then what u do.


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1.write test cases for bangle 2.what is difference between defect and bug life cycle 3.what are the inputs for writing test cases to map requirements to test cases 5.where to attached the test cases 6.what is sdlc 7.what are the difference between sanity and smoke testings 8. user accaptance testing types 9.what is the mail module in qc 10.why are u changing ur job

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test measurment techniques


How many number of negative testcases we can write for "Search and Replace" functionality?

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What is show stopper bug pls explain,pls give any real time bug u get in your project


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what are the testcases for Lift--


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Write Boundary value analysis , Equivalence partitioning & Error guessing cases on 1 liter Water Bottle. It should not include functionality Testing cases.?

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what is seviority and priority, and who will assign seviority and priority and High seviority and high priority , High seviority and Low priority and Low seviority and High priority and Low seviority and Low priority-- pls, if you know really give the answer,because in every interview they are asking plssssssss

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What is mean by multi-threading testing?


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Hi to all, im vaibhav i joined a MNC as a tester and i got a banking (HSBC) project can any one tell me as a fresher what kind of strategy i sholud use to perform better. thanx


How would you do the ollowing Security Testing for web application? 1) Authentication. 2) Authorization. 3) cookies. 4) penetration testing. 5) session testing. 6) encryption and decryption testing pls give examples give example i can't understand so pl


1.what is the approach while writing test cases in your project. 2.tell some intresting scenareo in your project


What can you tell about the project if during testing you found 80 bugs in it


In what situation would you want to parameterize a text verification check?


What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?


What icon is used in WinRunner to get an explanation of the syntax of TSL?


Hi I am searching job please send some details abuot ERP project and real time test plan,traceability report,test case if any relate to erp project Please help me out to get a job in email address is Thank u


I am new to testing, I need information about TSYS any website or if you have information please mail it to me. this is for online credit applications project.My mail id is Thanks for your help.


1.How can you Pick Integration Test Cases? 2.When will you start Regression Testing? 3.What is the difference between QA & QC? 4.When Will you Exit In Testing? 5.Test Deliverable's 6.What is the difference between windows based appln and web based appln? 7.What are the types of regression testing?


In cycle 1 we have 100 test cases out of which 95 test cases are PASS and 5 test cases are FAIL. So in cycle 2 how many test cases performed as a part of regression testing?


how many meeting in realtime environment? what are they?plz explain?


You have a testing team of 10 members, and now you have to reduce it by 5 member and you dont want to increase risk in your product, you are try to cover all functionality to test. What test Strategy you follow.


hi every one can you send me ISTQB Course material on my Email id


Write UI Test case, Integration Test case, Functional Test case & Performance Test case for the File Menu for MS-Word?