Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?


Who will close the bug and how it is closed..........?


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CGI MANUAL TESTING INTERVIEW questions: 1. tell me about your self 2. could you please explain bi-directional traceability 3. Tracebulity matrix with example 4. What and diff between validation & verification activities 5. Possible ways to check the log-in screen page get locked (user acc should b same all ways) 6. log in screen for a job portal for user and new registration user screen and give some new requirement changes 7. What is maintainace testing and support-testing 8. What the real time scenarios you are using your system 9. what are the techniques used for test coverage 10. what are the methods used for manual testing to write test case 11 is any domain you would like to prefer 12 have you been a part of end-to end testing (system testing) 13. What is non-functional testing?


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What is a Show Stopper?


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Suppose there are three modules A-B-C, the output of A is responsible for B and output of B is responsible for C and if A & C is not ready & B module is ready then how can u check Module B

Global Logic, CVC,

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what is meant by system test case


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what is database testing

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what is entry and exit criteria?


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How do u prepare test environment for ur application?


What is the difference between User Acceptance Testinga and System Testing?

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what kind of bugs you can find in the application in manual testing?

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Assume you are handling multiple projects and the scheduled were clashing how would you mange about this

Cap Gemini,

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diff b/w smoke testng and sanity,which coms fist functional or sanity


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wat s security testng,wat u do in this testng


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what is verification and validation,


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hi this is chik here iam showing my current project ERP and am prepair in hr model please tell me details about it and what all function test in hr model and give me some test caserelated to this module.Please tell me am faceing lots of problem in interview am not able to explain in interview please help me out my id is


1. what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing ?


Write a set of test cases to test youtube?


how to write defects in excel sheets when defects occured


Hi Frnds, this is Aman.. can anybody tell me plz what kind of QA Interview questions are asked by IDS Infotech Ltd., Chandigarh? I have lil bit experience only in Manual Testing.. Plz answer my question as soon as possible.. Thnx in advance..


What are the typical risks that you identify during test planning and their mitigation plan and Contengency plan.


What is Web architecture that are followed while doing online project and tell the samples of architecture?


What is Snapshot Testing? When we need to do and who will involve in this process and also what is the output document of this testing


What are testing techniques? What is difference between general and specific?


tell me brief about your project? please help me how to explain the project what is the flow? my current project is ERP domain web based application. please help me


Can anyone please answer the below question on Manual Testing: Tell me about atleast 5 bugs you come across in your last testing?


what does 80hz refresh rate indicates?


Artifacts in design phase of SDLC ?


what is the difference between PEGA based web application testing versus web application testing?


write test case for linked in sign up page ?