Manual Testing Interview Questions
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On Registration Form, if some fields are not mandatory to fill then those fields can accept any invalid input. OR there may have some validation. E.g. Email id field - Not mandatory to fill. If user enter Email id = 453454 should it accept?

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Are all special characters are used in email id? My question is - If I enter *,#$ in email id should it accept?

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if you have a test cases please send me on thanks in advance.


while reading srs document if you will get any doubt, what you will do?


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What is QTP? What is Regression and retest? What is end to end testing? What is Latest QTP version and TD version? TD is test mgmt tool or resource mgmt tool? Why QTP and WR is called mercury interactive tool? Difference between end to end and system testing? Types of Testing performed in your project? What is testing component? What is test script?

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What is the difference between Test Management tools and Defect Management tools? What are the most widely used Test Management tools?


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what is different Between Risk and Issue ?

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what is effect variance ,Budget variance , Schedule Variance , Defect Density ?

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What is Rekey Defect?

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Explain V model in depth?

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What are the various Guidelines follow while Weighting Test Cases

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which are the different types testing tools are available and which tool is mostly used in industry

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how do we know our perticular task is compltely tested or not

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what is srs or brs file

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how we can define bug is an valid bug


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How do you get programmers to build testability support into their code?


What are the main key components in Web applications and Client Server applications? and their differences?


List the considerations in developing testing methodology


functional testing test cases for transfer funds ?


What is Stability and Performance Testing in Testing the TV


explain fish model in detail?


what are the common errors while doing integration,system,functional,regression,user acceptance testing? can anybody please let me know the answers it is too urgent???


what is system testing? as test eng, what do u do in sys testing? who invoves in sys testing?


What are the cases why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server?


hi what are the test cases for web application..i need these example..please..mail me at


write testcases for open dialogbox


hi i want manual testing interview question(3+exp)please tell me


Which criteria should take in account while doing CMS testing of any project?


How would u test and automate an Antivirus application ?


How do you determine user soad for a perf test of a Web application?