Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Once a bug is found how do u report it?wat is the process?

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Wat is the use of regression testing?is it needed to be done only if any functionality is included or in release of every build?

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From whom do u gather the use case document?

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Nowadays Product based testing is done is almost all companies. What does a "Product" actually means.

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Can any one explain the difference between test scenario and test case.

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Diference between sanity & somke testing?

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what the diff b/w Development costs Evolution costs


Can any one tell me the format/columns for writing test scenarios in excel sheet?

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What is meant by benchmark testing?


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What type of contribution provided by management Science and Decision Support Approach to the project management


What is CRUD testing


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What is limitation of v shaped model


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Hi, Anybody can explain me What is the Difference between 2- tier and 3-tier Architecture.


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How to write test condition for testing a URL??


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When a high severity issue is found in production how to handle this situation.


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14.What is function point breakdown?


through which phases a software ttester need to pass like as a junnior test engineer,team lead,project lead,etc.? which is the final stage of your promotion and how will u achieve?


wat is test management ?what are the components available in test management?


What were the major challenges u faced while testing


hi friends i have a question while the files are uploading into the web server(for storing)..... securely......... what is the meaning securely.......its regarding virus threating or user authentication.... the files are video files these are ripping and converted into .flv format pls clarify ..........thanks in advance......


what type of testing techniques are using after accept the build?


what is a data guidelines?


how can we do database testing. In database testing we verify the data integrity and data validation. how can we do testing of Index, triggers, views, ransactions,cursors etc


how will you estimate of your website?


in transfer funds module, how you come to know that amount has been transferred successfully or not....explain in detail


how to write manual testcases for download the files from the template. for example:from product cost enddate


how do u manage scripts in winrunner when you application is changing frequently?


What is strategy to be followed for execution of 500 Test Cases in One day. If only 1 Resource is available.


Please is there any one working with ITR.COM? Having interview with them. Any tips will help.


Can anyone write test cases on google account creation page in the testing template format , urgent pls and explain if possible how to execute also