Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the significance of doing Regression testing?


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what is the difference between web based application and client server application as a testers point of view?

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Why should we hire you ? Please explain. Thanks

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how can u differentiate intgration test cases with functional test cases


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How to write test scenario for white board?What is scenario? pls explain me with example.


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how to write test cases for chair?


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wat is the differece between three tier and two tier application


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What do u do if the bug that u found is not accepted by the developer and hez saying its not reproducable.Note:The developer is in the onsite location


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Actually by using severity u should know which one u need to solve so what is the need of priority?


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write Test Cases on PEN and Fan. Like GUI and Functionality. Positive and Negative?

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Define Brain Stromming and Cause Effect Graphing? With Eg?


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Test Track Pro. Defect report formate? what r the attibutes?


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Why we call it as a regression test nor retest?

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What methodologies have you used to develop test cases?

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What can you tell about the project if during testing you found 80 bugs in it? or What is the V-Model Development Method and do you agree with this model?

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What is the role of QA in a company that produces software? How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?


What are testing techniques? What is difference between general and specific?


Give me sample test cases for smoke testing


What is Mixed Testing


what should be tested when credit card is used as payment option in ecommerce project?can anyone tell me in detail what to test n how to test when credit card is involved in web application?


wat is test management ?what are the components available in test management?


About Hierarchy level in your company.


Can anybody write the test cases for the following scenario. I want to create District. for that, District Code field, District Name field, Reset button, Submit button, Back button are there in the screen. whenever we enter District Code & District Name in the related fields, by clicking on Submit button, District should be created. By clicking on Reset button, all fieds should be cleared. By clicking on Back button, user should navigate to home page. Can you write the test cases for the scenario. I want to know the test case format for the scenario. what procedure is the best. tahnks in advance...


Anyone tell me the test cases of Shopping Favorite


name poneno dept sun 9894433467 computer This is the xls sheet a programs written to transfer this data into database write test cases and test scenario?


Scenario A year ago we developed a standards compliant website for a client. Their site is very popular resulting in the client wanting to be able to track how it is being used by their users. The first part of this project is to create a Login function so that users can be identified on the website. The data supplied by users would have to be handled securely. You have been allocated this project to work on. You will be responsible for the task from start to finish and will be expected to give feedback to your manager. User expectations  The client wants their users to be able to login using a page that fits in with the website design.  Tom wants to access the website but doesn’t want his login information to be available to anyone else.  Paul doesn’t want to login to the website because he’s not a frequent user. Task Please provide some feedback on how you would do the following:-  Being the only Test Engineer on this task, what would your approach be for this requirement?  Identify the key areas for testing this page.  What tools if any, would you use to perform the testing, bearing in mind that the testing will be done without using an ‘automated test tool’.  Provide a sample test case that could be used for testing this page, for example as a word or Excel document.


what are the risks and contingencies u had in ur project?


Test cases for Internal IP Messenger


What is Registry?


What expected result should come when Enter any sql query like “Select * from hello;” without quotes and with quotes.