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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Can anyone tell me about banking project? abt the transactions? the flow?


Hi frnz!! Can we do the Testing without writing Test Cases, but only posting the bugs in the BMS?

HCL, JPMorgan Chase,

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What is meant by Product-based testing?


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Dear friends, I am Ravi, was working as a Test Manager and quit the job due to some personal reasons. I need to get into job at any cost, as it is very critical situation for me. Now I am preparing for interviews, and I seed your help. Please mail me at I'll definitely share all those topics in this form too.... Expect your help and thanks in advance. Regards, Ravi

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what are the conditions of test cases?

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Which are the possible test cases can U write for Combo box validation ?

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Hi frenz!!! I heard that Satyam recruitment Pattern has changed like Written, Essay Writing and HR+Tech? Is that true???


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how to schedule the time in stlc ?


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i got job selection order from decon engg hrd,tamilnadu,india.they are also demanding me 2000 rs. & saying that after 3 day they will give me a joinig letter, there web site is & postal address is decon engg(govt. hrd)no-236 coimbatore -641044.I submitted my resume to them and after that they didnt conduct any interview... can i believe this or its just a fake..

Decon, ssinformatics,

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what is test director?

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how to connect oracle with test director? in testdirector we will be getting only reports? pls answer Thanks in Advance


do we require any scripting languae to write test cases in test director? what for it is used?it is like back end?only database we can there?


which scripting language is used to write scripts for testdirector?only testing team can use testdirector?or other people like working on oracle(accounts) can also use this? pls answer Thanks in Advance

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Without exact specification can we write test case for functional testing?

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What is Tracibility matrix?How we can use in real time application?

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To specify the test artifacts involved in testing.


What is client server application testing?


What is the most important phase in STLC and Why


What do you do (with the project staff) when the schedule fails?


Work flow in testing in your company?


tell me brief about your project? please help me how to explain the project what is the flow? my current project is ERP domain web based application. please help me


When will the testing starts?


What is defect validity ratio?


What are the possible test scenarios around AVS check of any credit card? (Testing through payment gateway online) (What are the fields we should check while checking AVS and CVV)


How can we test for drastic (severe) memory leakages?


Explain the importance of agile testing?


what are the functional test cases for enter user name,enter pass word,click on ok(only functional test cases)


Write the test cases for yahoo home page


You may undergone many projects. Do all the projects match up with customer’s expectations?


How we can test Cookies Manually?