Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the diff betwn Functional nad regression testing and do u excute same test case or write new one for regression

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suppose u got defects.we r send to this through TD.Before that where we r stored


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what is WinRunner frame


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what is Scalability,Critical Analysis


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Usecases and nounlists are associated with the following Requirement analysis methodologies 1.Information engineering 2.Object oriented analysis 3.Structural analysis 4.Functional analysis.

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Find the Cyclometric complexity on the following p seudocode Do while records remain read record; if record field#1=0 then process record;store in buffer; incremental counter;store in file. reset counter;end if end do please let me know the procedure too.


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How do tou design a good test case?


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Difference between Equalance class partion and boundary value analysis?

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What is contained in CRS,SRS and FS ?


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What is difference between localization testing and internalization testing.Explain with an example

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please mention critical bugs in hospital management system i.e in project has 4 modules likeappointments,patient chart,reports,pharmacy like that

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What is Buddy testing?


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What is the diffrence between BUILD & RELEASE ?

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what is the framework followed in ur company?

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What is the example of Integration Testing?

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Is anybody have the telecom systems test cases from start to end?


What is the difference between web based application and client server application?


How to test the search functionality.For example in naukri advance search is ca i test that page.


what are all the things we will include in " what to be tested and what not to be tested" in Test Plan


how mapp the defect id in quality center?


What is the difference between Functional testing and Unit Functionality testing?


Hi, I want "Intergraph" placement papers for experienced people which was conducted recently in Hyderabad. Thanks, Purnima.


what does 80hz refresh rate indicates?


I need your help, actually am facing lots of problem in interview am not able to answer in right way what ever questions asked about project. Could you please answer few questions? You must have seen the project I have mention as current project so please help on this, tell me how to explain project in details am prepare on HR module but don’t know how to explain it properly. If you can send me few documents like SRS, and few test case that will help me to get the clear picture, and want ask u what is tier1, tier2, and tier3 in project.


what are the risk factors in the project? what is the base for testplan and entry criteria ,exit criteria for test plan?


What do we need to build a quality QC team ? a QC manager with all junior QCs or a QC manager with all senior QCs?


Have you worked in UDAP (Credit Card act 2009) project?What did you test in Billing & Payment modules?


plz send the test scenarios and test cases for "user name should contain 4 to 8 chars and they should have only vowels"


why QA team is necessary for an organization?


Please Provide me the link to download Testing Category questions and answers If some body has downloaded it pleae send it to me Pavan : Email Quetion2 : Can any body Explain me about Testing thumb rules