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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Differentiate Defect age and Build interval.

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Differentiate defect life cycle and test cycle.

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Differentiate regular regression testing and final regression testing.

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What is the type of the testing to check the availability of a website 24 * 7?

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What are the differences in testing a client-Server and a web Application


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what is the difference between Error,Defect,Bug,Failure

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What are Testing Metrics? Explain

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what is usuability testing ,when and how is it done

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could u please suggest good coaching center in hyderabad to learn testing for a fresher

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explain the 5 types test matrics?


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Write four good test cases on refill ball pen?


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When will we write "use cases"? I mean that before writing test cases or after writing test cases? Please give me reply or send me answer to my mail id '' Thanks in Advance.

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what is the role of moderator in testing?

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what is test case management?explain in brief.


what is the different between application server and database server?

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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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write test case for gmail sign up page ?


Is compatabilitytestig and port testing are same


You must test a trouble report where the problem cannot be reproduced. You tried using various test data files and mutations from the data files the customer sent along with the trouble report. The software does not fail the way it did at the customer's site.


What is the difference between stlc and sdlc?


What are the major components of Perf Test Report?


Can you explian $ pillar of Agile


What is error cusing tecnique


how to write manual testcases for download the files from the template. for example:from product cost enddate


What is the purpose of test strategy?


How do you estimate white box testing?


Write UI Test case, Integration Test case, Functional Test case & Performance Test case for the File Menu for MS-Word?


How to do security implementation for any URL??


What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?


If project wants to release in 3months what type of risk analysis you do in test plan?


Risk Analysis a) 2 step, b)3 step, c) 4 step, d) 6 step