Differentiate defect life cycle and test cycle.

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Differentiate defect life cycle and test cycle...

Answer / kalpa k.s

Defect life cycle

when u get a new defect its named NEW
Then team leader will check and named as OPEN
If TL feels its a good bug then he sednds it to
developer and named as ASSIGN
If developer feels its not a bug named as REJECTED
If developer feels it can be fixed in later
versions named as DEFFERED
If he feels its a bug and starts testing named as
If the test is complete then named as VERIFIED
If the defect is not there then named as CLOSED
again when testers test if its there then named as

Test life cycle:

Requirement study
Test plan
Test case generation
Execution of test case
Reporting of bugs
Stop criteria if yes closed else retest.

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Differentiate defect life cycle and test cycle...

Answer / kiran 4m vizag

kalpana adding to ur answer, Defect life cycle need not be
the same in every company. Each company has different
defect life cycles. In my org,
1. New defect raised - New
2. BA or Development manager ot Dev TL accpets and assigns
to developer - Open
3. Deveoper fixed the defect - Fixed
4. Given to testing team to retest - Rolled
5. Fixed - Close
6. Defect still exists - Reopen.
7. When a new defect raised BA thins it is invalid -
8. When a new defect raised BA thins it is invalid -
9. When a new defect cannot be fixed at that point of time -

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Differentiate defect life cycle and test cycle...

Answer / sujatha

When talking about the defect life cycle we will discuss
only about the bug process i.e

When new bug is found the bug status is OPEN,then if the
developer feels it is a valid bug then he fixes the
bug ,then the status changes to FIXED,else if the bug is
invalid then he rejects the bug, here the status is
REJECTED, else if the bug is enhancement then the bug
status is HOLD.

The tester retests the fixed bug , it it gets close then he
closes the bug with status CLOSED else if still some
problem with the same bug he will mark the status as REOPEN.

Now, coming to the test cycle, here we discuss about the
entire test life cycle where bug life cycle is part of it.

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