Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is diff between stress testing and spike testing

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How will you Test a Website manually?? Tell me any 5 different ways to Test a Website.


what is ment by compatblity testing ? in real time any tool is used to test it? plz real timers

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What is the difference between defect tracking tool and QC?

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Give me some sertification courses in testing?

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What is Web based testing? How do we test web application manually in real time? Is there any procedure to do this testing? real timers plz reply me...

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what is quality assurance,quality control and configuration management systems?


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Hi friends,Am trying on 2+ experience on testing i dont have real time experience. In my resume i mentioned my responsibilties as • Involved in Bug Report Preparation. • Preparation of Test Log. how this two things happens in real time plz answer my question..

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Does requirement documents also contain Defects? am asked in interview reply me

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what is test log? what fields does it contain, At which stage do we use this in real time?

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Hi,I am new to software testing. My question is, What can be the possible test cases one can write for a chair


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what is diff between 32 / 64 bit web browser


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Smoke Testing is responsibility of Tester & Developer ?

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At the time Design of Specification , there is ANY need of QA Team . if Yes Then why ?

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Need Browser compatibility checklist? If any of you are having any doc or checklist on the same please share it with me.

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How we will test ubercate


What are the bussiness scenories?


1.what promted you to become involved in QA/Testing?


If asked to create a Configuration Design Pattern, where would you start?


What is Independant Testing? When and where this type of testing will be performed?


On login window for username and password auto populated field means what !


I have cleared written test and one Technical round in one company? now i have to face an Client Round through telephony? Any body have faced client round, how will it be , wil they ask technical or is it only formality round? im nervous, plz let me know wat all they may ask? i have this round on monday?


what are the functional test cases for enter user name,enter pass word,click on ok(only functional test cases)


Hi,all i have a desktop App. which have a feature, It's a demo version if u want full version then u have to perches it. Pls give me some idea ASAP how can i break the App.


what is Test management fundamental?


how to test the case with 5 combination and inputs


how to create automation frame work ?


write test case for linked in sign up page ?


Do you know anything about Set Top Boxes?


How do u go about testing of web application?