Manual Testing Interview Questions
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If there are more number of test cases, how can u pick up a selective test case?


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What is non-functional testing?

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what are the parameters u apply for doing functional testing?


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How can u do the performance testing?


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what is the difference between application server and web server?


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iwant know IEEE formate ,how it is used and exactly where it is used? i have details it follows test plan, testcases...etc. i want real time explanation. pls any one give?


What is IEEE 829 format

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hi there, Yaar can any body help me please? I am looking for job change n want to relocate to Pune,Im in bangalore I have 2+exp in testing (man&QTP). if anyone can provide some reference in any comp.....plz reply ....Thanks

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hi Will any one can be able to send the notes or any website for the ISTQB(Testing Certification) or any certification courses related to the testing(other than CSTE Exam) and about the fees details. U can send the information thr' mail also "" Thanks

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I have a doubt in writing a test case... if suppose in a round if they ask to write a test case for any situation such as(Search engine)... in the testcase do we need to fill up the actual result and status Column in the test case??(please answer i am confused)

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how we will decide test effectiveness and test efficiency?


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What is Change and configuration management repositoty

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How we will assign the severity n priority levels to the bug?

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What is Usability testing?

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Hi there, I am new to the world of testing. Is there any place where I can have a look at an actual specification documents or test plans or test cases. This will help me in generating a level of confidence. Looking forward to your replies


which domain is of high demand for software testing, Right now i am working in Education domain .How about demand for Education domain and which companies are recruiting in education domain


How can write testcases on a code under development pls give asnwer


write testcases for open dialogbox


How many bugs occured will be considerd appropriate over 1000 steps when inspecting software? Describle an approriate Bug value.


What are drawbacks in system development life cycle


Encapsulation of attributes and operations inside objects makes it easy to obtain object state information during testing. is it true.explain


What are the properties of a good requirement?


Can Anbody please send me Daily Work status format in which I can save my daily work activity


Hi guys,I have 3+ years of exp in manual testing in a bangalore based MNC company.I Like to jump in chennai.So please if u know any jobs in chennai firms please let me know in my email-id. cheers, anbarasu.


Can any tell me how a clinical data management system is tested? what are the test scenarios? what are the test cases? work flow.


Is an "A fast database retrieval rate" a testable requirement?


what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing?


what are the common errors while doing integration,system,functional,regression,user acceptance testing? can anybody please let me know the answers it is too urgent???


is it possible web application make it as executable file