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Answer / pulu

Test log is a document showing which executed test cases
were fail and pass

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Answer / dheeraj shandilya

Test Log is a record of relevent details about the
execution of test in the order of occurrance in time.
Test logging is done as test execution is performed,it
documents the important aspects of what is tested,any
defects found and any idea for further testing.
It covers what type of testing has been done, what was the
result,in which environment test has been done.
IEEE829 Test log template includes:

Test log identifier
Description (What item being tested,in which environment)
Activity and event entries(execution description,procedure
result,anomalous event,incident report idetifier)

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Answer / devi

either in manual or autamation testing, the test engineer
is running testcases batch by batch and in every batch test
by this level-1 test execution, every test engineer
is preparing "test log" document with results.test log is
nothing but a document which is maintaining 3 types of test
results such as passed,failed and blocked.

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Answer / neelamegam

Record for all relavent execution in Testing

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Answer / sara

Hai TWO12,
Whenever a bug is identified will be entered in this part
test eng will enter this

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Answer / mfsi_priyankaa

Test Log is a document which consists of information about
the test cases.Means whether the test case is Passed or Failed.

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