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What is non-functional testing?

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / swapna

Testing requirements of a system that do npt relate to
functionality,this includes performance, security,
reliability, load, volume, sociability, failover and
recovery, stress testing.

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / sundar

This is to test the features and facilties and also the
stability of the application - which are not directly
related to the business functionaly but are essential. This
- Performance, load, stress and volume testing
- Security (System and application) testing
- Relaibility testing
- Fail recovery testing (at application level)

At times this is also extended to other testing such as
adaptability testing, configuration testing etc. But it
depends upon the specific organisation and the needs.

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / devi

after completion of sucessful functional testing on
software build, the test engineers are concentrating on
extra characteristics of that software testing.such as user
interface testing,realibility testing configuration

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / shilpa

Non-functional testing is the testing of a software
application for its non-functional requirements. The names
of many non-functional tests are often used interchangeably
because of the overlap in scope between various non-
functional requirements. For example, software performance
is a broad term that includes many specific requirements
like reliability and scalability. this testing can be start
as soon as s/w is developed. it bassically includes GUI
features of a s/w

Non-functional testing includes:

Compatibility testing
standard testing
Documentation testing
Endurance testing
Load testin
Performance testing
Security testing
Scalability testing
Stress testing
Usability testing
Volume testing
and more but depends with the environment and

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / gopalakrishna

non functional testing is a type of testing where u have
both the action and the look and feel of the objects is
for example let us take installation testing.
installation testing is an example for non functional
first you install an application in an environment and then
observe the changes, and feel the reactions of the
application in an environment.

so,in non functional testting, we not only have the
functional part, but also the GUI based testing involved.
so, i would say it is a mixture of both functional and GUI
based testing.
u can take other examples also, they are:
usability testing, compatability testing.

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / vani

It is the testing of software application for its non functional requirements. There are many non functional tests are often used interchangeably because of overlap in scope between various non functional requirements. It includes many testings like
Security testing
Baseline testing
Stress testing
Scalability testing
Usability testing
Volume testing

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / vj

Software application has several Quality Properties like Functionality, Scalability, Recoverability, Availability, Security etc. 'Software Systems Architecture: Working with Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives', a book by Rozanski is very useful. Testing any Quality Property other than Functionality can be called as 'Non-Functional' Testing.

Non-Functional Testing is more technical than functional testing in that, it is performed on the infrastructure(servers/networks etc) within the environment rather than application as in functional testing.

We can test servers, databases, network components, messaging etc. The important point to remember is, these tests are performed to support Functionality of the application - because end users will not see the Non-functionality of the application other than when system performs slowly/ someone hacked etc. They only work with functionality of the system and it is their priority but Architecture contains not only functionality but also other qualities and hardware to support such functionality.

Servers are tested for resilience and availability defined in Operations Requirements, Service Level Agreements(SLAs), for Capacity Management to accommodate number of Users/Volumes of traffic defined in the requirements, for endurance.
Alerting and Monitoring for component/system failures, breaching resource threshold levels - these will be useful in Operations.
Logging, Log Shipping(or Rotating), Audits to make sure every user activity is logged and can be audited - This is done as part of conformance as well as understanding if something goes wrong in the system, we know exactly what hapenned.
Network Components within the environment/Architecture to determine that there are no Single Point of Failures and no data loss during failure conditions in live. These tests can be linked through to Alerting and monitoring and also to Auditing.
Databases for Backup and Restoring - several backup techniques available depending on the requirements in Operations.
Disaster Recovery is another type of Non-Functional test where entire Data Centre( if the architecture is data centric) is failed over to secondary data centre and operated from secondary site without impacting Business/functionality in live.

Non-Functional testing can be done in parallel with Functional Testing depending on Test Environments availability as well as non-intrusive to other testing types.

Just like Functionality, there are few tools available for Non-Functional Testing as well.
For example,
LoadRunner for Testing Scalability(Load, Stress, Soak).
Backup and Restore/Recovery - Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a built-in Backup and Recovery tool in Oracle
Disaster Recovery is mostly manual but some of the processes can be automated.
Security - There are hundreds of tools Open source tools available for Security Testing - have to be very careful when trying these out.
Monitoring and Alerting - There are number of open source tools.

Hope this will be helpful


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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / testing expert

Non-<a href="">functional testing</a> denotes the overlap in scope between various non-functional requirements. For example, software performance is a broad term that includes many specific requirements like reliability and scalability.

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / avinash kb

Non Functional Testing is also called static testing where we are not worried about the functionality of the product whether it is working or not. For Ex: Review, Usability testing, Accessibility testing, performance testing, comparison testing, walk through, inspection,,,,,,etc

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What is non-functional testing?..

Answer / tester

Non-functional testing covers that part of the application
in which the functionality of the application is
irrelevant. For example, look and feel[GUI] testing.

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