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USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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This question is regarding documents for funds. I got documents for EPF but the problem is its in the electronic form which can be printed i.e. no bank or any EPF official would be attesting or certifying it. Is it okay if I get this electronically generated EPF printouts ATTESTED BY A NOTARY or a Gazzetted Officer Please do reply ASAP.

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I graduated my BE in April 2004 (though i got my certificates on october 2004) i joined my first job in on march 2005. And after this i worked here for about 1.5 years and resigned on August 2007. After this i joined a non thechincal call centre on june 2007. This being the case i have a period of gaps like 5 months between my under graduation and first job and 10 months between first and second job. Further i am working in a non tehcnical call center. How do you think i should tackle questions in this regard if asked about it please help...


hi i have done my engineering now i have applied for mba(in us) as my tofel score is less so please give me a good reason to oppose my self in us consultancy...........?

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what did u know about that university

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i just recieved an i-20 form from a 2 year college do you think i can get a visa with this form


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i have applied for the f1 visa i have only bank loan as a proof of funds can i get a visa or if not what are the supporting documents i can show? and also my interview date is on 30 nov 2007 can i postpone this to later date in december? i have paid visa fees and sevis fees is there any other fees?

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i'm a self-sponser, and i wonder what to say if i'm sked about how i would support myself, or how did i be able to support myself?

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why you choosed the richland college of dallas?

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will you come back to india when u will come back to india?

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?

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How can you prove to me that you'll come back home after you finish studies??

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What are your plans after graduation?

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Will you come back to home during the summers??

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How will you finance your education funds for 2 or 3 years ??

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What will you do after coming back to home?

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I completed mca in 2007 and now iam applying ms for spring 2010.If VO asks me abt the gap what would be the best answer help me plzzzzzz


Please tell can I go for VI with only loan amount and scholarship? (Going for MS-EE inNYU-POLY )


hai sir i am 4m hyderabad, i was caught with fake toefl in us embassy in chennai and gave a writtern letter dat that toefl was fake? can i apply again for the visa ? will it effect my future applications? pls help mee...


i am citizen of india, heare i have completed diploma course (3 years) , i have 3 years experience, now i want to do gradutation in USA, so can i get student visa as undergradute student at the age of 25


how is the location of bridgeport university?


Hi Friends i completed my and having experience 3 years and no backlogs also i am having only toefl score. Is there is chance of rejection


Hi, I just have a question regarding my PhD admission with North Dakota State University without assistantship. I have already completed my Masters from NDSU and was working in the US for a couple of years, I however returned to India last year. I was in touch with my guide concerning pursuing my PhD at NDSU. I have now been offered admission at NDSU for the PhD program for Fall 2010, and I have also finalized my research area (extension of Master's research area), however I have not been given an official assistantship / aid letter from my department. My department is however saying that I will be definitely offered assistantship if I land up at NDSU in Fall. My concern is now about the Visa interview in which I will have to show personal liquid funds for 5 years of doctoral study. Can you please suggest a way by which I wont be asked to show 5 years of funding..since I have unofficially got the assurance of aid/tuition waiver. Please let me know.


how i will prepare for the visa interview on june 9th.can any one please help me ho i will face it and also send u r email address who attend or planned to attend to face visa interview?


What is the best way to convince the counselor when u r once rejected and appearing for the second time?


Why bachelor in information and technology?


Hello,    I did MBA in Finance already from UK, but I even want to study MS in computer science. During my visa interview If I asked "Why do you want to go to US for a second master’s degree?", how do I answer it appropriately. Can I get few suggestions please? 


visa rejected once...on 9th july. the vo did nt ask me even one i didnt made any changes in documentation and now am going to attend visa interview on 11th july ... if they asked ... like ..what improvements do you have in your documentation?


HI, am gonna face my interview on 21 jan before i was rejected 2 time then i went to singapore i finish ma diploma and now apply for degree in usa so should i get visa


i have been rejected on 11th of dec 09 for fi visa.consular asked about my academics which are bad i.e,5.04 cgpa and i have only one backlog because of attendance shortage she even asked about my backlogs i have answered the same she refused me straight away and said my academics are bad.I have 15 months of exp in a different field and my core is cse my gre is poor 780 and ielts is 6.0 can i book the slot again for the visa will i get it...?


I have done MBA from India, wanted to do MS in Business Intelligence from USA. Can any 1 tell will I face difficulty in visa interview and how is the university that I have choosen, i.e university of northern virginia (unacredited) and Saint Joseph University(PA)