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hi i have done my engineering now i have applied for mba(in
us) as my tofel score is less so please give me a good
reason to oppose my self in us consultancy...........?

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hi i have done my engineering now i have applied for mba(in us) as my tofel score is less so please..

Answer / pranav

ok here they had thrown negative question on u
ok previous ans shd be also considerd but ans shd
be in more detail
be talkative but not much use sense when to stop

like u know u got less in toefl ,ok try to say
tht u were unfortunate at tht day by not sayin tht
ans shd be like tht
i have studied thrgh english medium from beginin if
not tell them has gona for this much year for this
college course n has got excellent knowledge
which was spoken by my grades and experince in
corporate world , agreee tht u have achieved less
socre then xpected( dont tell ne fooolish reason like
i was sick i have headach ) but my xcellent gre
score and academic backgrnd speaks it self tht i m a
good achiever ,so not only consider my negatives if u
consider my efforts which i have put thrgh this
countless years ,if u consider tht i will consider tht my
knowledge is being appreciated for more perticular ans in detail
for perticular profile

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hi i have done my engineering now i have applied for mba(in us) as my tofel score is less so please..

Answer / erer

Dont panic..dude..jst go abt it with your better

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why do you think the university is giving the scholarship to you?

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F1 visa rejected as i want to do mba(usa) but ,already done master of commerce (india),how should i convince visa officer ? i got admission in this spring at usa university for mba ,i have completed my bachelor of commerce and mater of commerce in india ,visa officer asked me why i want to do master again then i said that master of commerce is different from mba ,he said he is not satisfied with my purpose of going to usa and denied visa .session in which i got admision is starting on 25 jan 2010 and next session is from 29 march whose i20 university people are ready for sending me .if i will apply for current session again the i will get inerview date about 4-5 feb .how should i convince hime next time in visa interview for doing masters again ? also please tell me should i apply immediately for new date or should wait for some time for 25 jan session ?or i should apply for visa for 29 march session?please tell e how can i get visa this time ?please help me soon,how should i convice visa officer next time ?and should i go for 25 jan session again or i should apply for 29 march session with new i20 .also please tell me should i apply immediately for new date of visa interview or should i should wait for how much time ?

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hi am harry and i have a doubt regarding visa .my gre score is 1120 and my toefl is 85 and ma academic background is 60% of average with 17 backlogs.the problem is will they reject me for having 17 backlogs ?? am really worried cause i was not knowing all these things b4 i applied.i came to know this today from my senior who had only 4 backlogs and he got rejected two times will i get rejected ?? and if not how should i handle this when they ask plss anyone help me its my life i worked hard to get into this realizing my future

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I want to learn every answer of its question.Please help me.

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I got 3 rejection on NYIT for MS in COmputer science. I was working as a recruiter in reliance HR service Ltd & now i ll go in december but i have change my Uni as well as course this time i ll go 4 bridgeport & my course is MS in technology mgmt. so when visa officer ask me y u have change ur course that time how can i represent my work exp & my course MS in Tech Mgmt. Pls answer me on my e-mail ID

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