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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Which of the following exposures associated with the spooling of sensitive reports for offline printing would an IS auditor consider to be the MOST serious? A. Sensitive data can be read by operators. B. Data can be amended without authorization. C. Unauthorized report copies can be printed. D. Output can be lost in the event of system failure.

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Which of the following types of firewalls would BEST protect a network from an Internet attack? A. Screened subnet firewall B. Application filtering gateway C. Packet filtering router D. Circuit-level gateway

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Applying a retention date on a file will ensure that: A. data cannot be read until the date is set. B. data will not be deleted before that date. C. backup copies are not retained after that date. D. datasets having the same name are differentiated.

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A digital signature contains a message digest to: A. show if the message has been altered after transmission. B. define the encryption algorithm. C. confirm the identity of the originator. D. enable message transmission in a digital format.

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Which of the following would be the BEST method for ensuring that critical fields in a master record have been updated properly? A. Field checks B. Control totals C. Reasonableness checks D. A before-and-after maintenance report

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A TCP/IP-based environment is exposed to the Internet. Which of the following BEST ensures that complete encryption and authentication protocols exist for protecting information while transmitted? A. Work is completed in tunnel mode with IP security using the nested services of authentication header (AH) and encapsulating security payload (ESP). B. A digital signature with RSA has been implemented. C. Digital certificates with RSA are being used. D. Work is being completed in TCP services.

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To prevent an organization's computer systems from becoming part of a distributed denial-of-service attack, IP packets containing addresses that are listed as unroutable can be isolated by: A. establishing outbound traffic filtering. B. enabling broadcast blocking. C. limiting allowable services. D. network performance monitoring.

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An IS auditor doing penetration testing during an audit of Internet connections would: A. evaluate configurations. B. examine security settings. C. ensure virus-scanning software is in use. D. use tools and techniques that are available to a hacker.

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An IS auditor performing a telecommunication access control review should be concerned PRIMARILY with the: A. maintenance of access logs of usage of various system resources. B. authorization and authentication of the user prior to granting access to system resources. C. adequate protection of stored data on servers by encryption or other means. D. accountability system and the ability to identify any terminal accessing system resources.

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An organization is considering connecting a critical PC-based system to the Internet. Which of the following would provide the BEST protection against hacking? A. An application-level gateway B. A remote access server C. A proxy server D. Port scanning

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If a database is restored using before-image dumps, where should the process be restarted following an interruption? A. Before the last transaction B. After the last transaction C. The first transaction after the latest checkpoint D. The last transaction before the latest checkpoint

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Which of the following is a practice that should be incorporated into the plan for testing disaster recovery procedures? A. Invite client participation. B. Involve all technical staff. C. Rotate recovery managers. D. Install locally stored backup.


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A large chain of shops with EFT at point-of-sale devices has a central communications processor for connecting to the banking network. Which of the following is the BEST disaster recovery plan for the communications processor? A. Offsite storage of daily backups B. Alternative standby processor onsite C. Installation of duplex communication links D. Alternative standby processor at another network node

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Which of the following is an object-oriented technology characteristic that permits an enhanced degree of security over data? A. Inheritance B. Dynamic warehousing C. Encapsulation D. Polymorphism

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When implementing an application software package, which of the following presents the GREATEST risk? A. Uncontrolled multiple software versions B. Source programs that are not synchronized with object code C. Incorrectly set parameters D. Programming errors

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