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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Which of the following describes a difference between unit testing and system testing? A. Unit testing is more comprehensive. B. Programmers are not involved in system testing. C. System testing relates to interfaces between programs. D. System testing proves user requirements are complete.


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A request for a change to a report format in a module (subsystem) was made. After making the required changes, the programmer should carry out: A. unit testing. B. unit and module testing. C. unit, module and regression testing. D. module testing.

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Which of the following exposures associated with the spooling of sensitive reports for offline printing would an IS auditor consider to be the MOST serious? A. Sensitive data can be read by operators. B. Data can be amended without authorization. C. Unauthorized report copies can be printed. D. Output can be lost in the event of system failure.

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An IS auditor's primary concern when application developers wish to use a copy of yesterday's production transaction file for volume tests is that: A. users may prefer to use contrived data for testing. B. unauthorized access to sensitive data may result. C. error handling and credibility checks may not be fully proven. D. full functionality of the new process is not necessarily tested.

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A retail company recently installed data warehousing client software at geographically diverse sites. Due to time zone differences between the sites, updates to the warehouse are not synchronized. Which of the following will be affected the MOST? A. Data availability B. Data completeness C. Data redundancy D. Data inaccuracy

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Which of the following is the BEST form of transaction validation? A. Use of key field verification techniques in data entry B. Use of programs to check the transaction against criteria set by management C. Authorization of the transaction by supervisory personnel in an adjacent department D. Authorization of the transaction by a department supervisor prior to the batch process

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Which of the following is MOST effective in controlling application maintenance? A. Informing users of the status of changes B. Establishing priorities on program changes C. Obtaining user approval of program changes D. Requiring documented user specifications for changes

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Following the development of an application system, it is determined that several design objectives have not been achieved. This is MOST likely to have been caused by: A. insufficient user involvement. B. early dismissal of the project manager. C. inadequate quality assurance (QA) tools. D. noncompliance with defined approval points.

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Which of the following groups should assume ownership of a systems development project and the resulting system? A. User management B. Senior management C. Project steering committee D. Systems development management

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Which of the following access control functions is LEAST likely to be performed by a database management system (DBMS) software package? A. User access to field data B. User sign-on at the network level C. User authentication at the program level D. User authentication at the transaction level

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In a LAN environment, which of the following minimizes the risk of data corruption during transmission? A. Using end-to-end encryption for data communication B. Using separate conduits for electrical and data cables C. Using check sums for checking the corruption of data D. Connecting the terminals using a star topology

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Utility programs that assemble software modules needed to execute a machine instruction application program version are: A. text editors. B. program library managers. C. linkage editors and loaders. D. debuggers and development aids.


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The management of an organization has decided to establish a security awareness program. Which of the following would MOST likely be a part of the program? A. Utilization of an intrusion detection system to report incidents. B. Mandating the use of passwords to access all software. C. Installing an efficient user log system to track the actions of each user D. Provide training on a regular basis to all current and new employees.

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A company has implemented a new client-server enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Local branches transmit customer orders to a central manufacturing facility. Which of the following would BEST ensure that the orders are entered accurately and the corresponding products are produced? A. Verifying production to customer orders B. Logging all customer orders in the ERP system C. Using hash totals in the order transmitting process D. Approving (production supervisor) orders prior to production

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A key element in a risk analysis is/are: A. audit planning. B. controls. C. vulnerabilities. D. liabilities.

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