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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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IT governance ensures that an organization aligns its IT strategy with: A. Enterprise objectives. B. IT objectives. C. Audit objectives. D. Finance objectives.

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A validation which ensures that input data are matched to predetermined reasonable limits or occurrence rates, is known as: A. Reasonableness check. B. Validity check. C. Existence check. D. Limit check.

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During which of the following steps in the business process reengineering should the benchmarking team visit the benchmarking partner? A. Observation B. Planning C. Analysis D. Adaptation

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Which of the following procedures should be implemented to help ensure the completeness of inbound transactions via electronic data interchange (EDI)? A. Segment counts built into the transaction set trailer B. A log of the number of messages received, periodically verified with the transaction originator C. An electronic audit trail for accountability and tracking D. Matching acknowledgement transactions received to the log of EDI messages sent

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A utility is available to update critical tables in case of data inconsistency. This utility can be executed at the OS prompt or as one of menu options in an application. The BEST control to mitigate the risk of unauthorized manipulation of data is to: A. delete the utility software and install it as and when required. B. provide access to utility on a need-to-use basis. C. provide access to utility to user management D. define access so that the utility can be only executed in menu option.

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When conducting a review of business process re-engineering, an IS auditor found that a key preventive control had been removed. In this case, the IS auditor should: A. inform management of the finding and determine if management is willing to accept the potential material risk of not having that preventing control. B. determine if a detective control has replaced the preventive control during the process and if so, not report the removal of the preventive control. C. recommend that this and all control procedures that existed before the process was reengineered be included in the new process. D. develop a continuous audit approach to monitor the effects of the removal of the preventive control.

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Which of the following is an output control objective? A. Maintenance of accurate batch registers B. Completeness of batch processing C. Appropriate accounting for rejections and exceptions D. Authorization of file updates

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In a system that records all receivables for a company, the receivables are posted on a daily basis. Which of the following would ensure that receivables balances are unaltered between postings? A. Range checks B. Record counts C. Sequence checking D. Run-to-run control totals

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Which of the following is the MOST important issue to the IS auditor in a business process re-engineering (BPR) project would be? A. The loss of middle management, which often is a result of a BPR project B. That controls are usually given low priority in a BPR project C. The considerable negative impact that information protection could have on BPR D. The risk of failure due to the large size of the task usually undertaken in a BPR project

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To meet pre-defined criteria, which of the following continuous audit techniques would BEST identify transactions to audit? A. Systems Control Audit Review File and Embedded Audit Modules (SCARF/EAM) B. Continuous and Intermittent Simulation (CIS) C. Integrated Test Facilities (ITF) D. Audit hooks

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In a risk-based audit approach, an IS auditor, in addition to risk, would be influenced by: A. the availability of CAATs. B. management's representation. C. organizational structure and job responsibilities. D. the existence of internal and operational controls

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The extent to which data will be collected during an IS audit should be determined, based on the: A. availability of critical and required information. B. auditor's familiarity with the circumstances. C. auditee's ability to find relevant evidence. D. purpose and scope of the audit being done.

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The PRIMARY advantage of a continuous audit approach is that it: A. does not require an IS auditor to collect evidence on system reliability while processing is taking place. B. requires the IS auditor to review and follow up immediately on all information collected. C. can improve system security when used in time-sharing environments that process a large number of transactions. D. does not depend on the complexity of an organization's computer systems.

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Which of the following data entry controls provides the GREATEST assurance that the data is entered correctly? A. Using key verification B. Segregating the data entry function from data entry verification C. Maintaining a log/record detailing the time, date, employee's initials/user id and progress of various data preparation and verification tasks D. Adding check digits

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Capacity monitoring software is used to ensure: A. maximum use of available capacity. B. that future acquisitions meet user needs. C. concurrent use by a large number of users. D. continuity of efficient operations.

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Which of these has the potential to improve security incident response processes? A. Review the incident response procedures. B. Post-mortem or post-event reviews by the security team. C. Getting the hot-site ready. D. Reviw the BCP plan every six months


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