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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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An organization wants to enforce data integrity principles and achieve faster performance/execution in a database application. Which of the following design principles should be applied? A. User (customized) triggers B. Data validation at the front end C. Data validation at the back end D. Referential integrity

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What data should be used for regression testing? A. Different data than used in the previous test B. The most current production data C. The data used in previous tests D. Data produced by a test data generator

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Many organizations require an employee to take a mandatory vacation (holiday) of a week or more to: A. ensure the employee maintains a quality of life, which will lead to greater productivity. B. reduce the opportunity for an employee to commit an improper or illegal act. C. provide proper cross training for another employee. D. eliminate the potential disruption caused when an employee takes vacation one day at a time.

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During an audit, an IS auditor learns that lengthy and complex passwords are required to reach the network via modem. These passwords were established by an outside provider. The communications software allows users to select a ?remember password? option. What should the IS auditor's PRIMARY recommendation be? A. Disable the save password option and have users record them elsewhere. B. Request that the provider change the dial-in password to a group password. C. Establish and enforce a process to have users change their passwords. D. Allow users to change their passwords to something less complex.

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Which of the following MUST exist to ensure the viability of a duplicate information processing facility? A. The site is near the primary site to ensure quick and efficient recovery. B. The site contains the most advanced hardware available. C. The workload of the primary site is monitored to ensure adequate backup is available. D. The hardware is tested when it is installed to ensure it is working properly.

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To determine which users can gain access to the privileged supervisory state, which of the following should an IS auditor review? A. System access log files B. Enabled access control software parameters C. Logs of access control violations D. System configuration files for control options used

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During a post-implementation review of an enterprise resource management system, an IS auditor would MOST likely: A. review access control configuration. B. evaluate interface testing. C. review detailed design documentation. D. evaluate system testing.

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Which of the following audit procedures would an IS auditor be LEAST likely to include in a security audit? A. Review the effectiveness and utilization of assets. B. Test to determine that access to assets is adequate. C. Validate physical, environmental and logical access policies per job profiles. D. Evaluate asset safeguards and procedures that prevent unauthorized access to the assets.

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When performing a general controls review, an IS auditor checks the relative location of the computer room inside the building. What potential threat is the IS auditor trying to identify? A. Social engineering B. Windstorm C. Earthquake D. Flooding

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To prevent an organization's computer systems from becoming part of a distributed denial-of-service attack, IP packets containing addresses that are listed as unroutable can be isolated by: A. establishing outbound traffic filtering. B. enabling broadcast blocking. C. limiting allowable services. D. network performance monitoring.

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Which of the following is a control to detect an unauthorized change in a production environment? A. Denying programmers access to production data. B. Requiring change request to include benefits and costs. C. Periodically comparing control and current object and source programs. D. Establishing procedures for emergency changes.

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Which of the following types of controls is designed to provide the ability to verify data and record values through the stages of application processing? A. Range checks B. Run-to-run totals C. Limit checks on calculated amounts D. Exception reports

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Following a reorganization of a company's legacy database, it was discovered that records were accidentally deleted. Which of the following controls would have MOST effectively detected this occurrence? A. Range check B. Table lookups C. Run-to-run totals D. One-for-one checking

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Security administration procedures require read-only access to: A. access control tables. B. security log files. C. logging options. D. user profiles.

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Of the following who is MOST likely to be responsible for network security operations? A. Users B. Security administrators C. Line managers D. Security officers

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