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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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IS management has decided to rewrite a legacy customer relations system using fourth-generation languages (4GLs). Which of the following risks is MOST often associated with system development using 4GLs? A. Inadequate screen/report design facilities B. Complex programming language subsets C. Lack of portability across operating systems D. Inability to perform data intensive operations

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Which of the following would be the BEST method for ensuring that critical fields in a master record have been updated properly? A. Field checks B. Control totals C. Reasonableness checks D. A before-and-after maintenance report

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Which of the following is a dynamic analysis tool for the purpose of testing software modules? A. Blackbox test B. Desk checking C. Structured walk-through D. Design and code

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Which of the following is MOST likely to result from a business process reengineering (BPR) project? A. An increased number of people using technology B. Significant cost savings, through a reduction in the complexity of information technology C. A weaker organizational structures and less accountability D. Increased information protection (IP) risk will increase

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Which of the following devices extends the network and has the capacity to store frames and act as a storage and forward device? A. Router B. Bridge C. Repeater D. Gateway

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Which of the following is a benefit of using callback devices? A. Provide an audit trail B. Can be used in a switchboard environment C. Permit unlimited user mobility D. Allow call forwarding

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A call-back system requires that a user with an id and password call a remote server through a dial-up line, then the server disconnects and: A. dials back to the user machine based on the user id and password using a telephone number from its database. B. dials back to the user machine based on the user id and password using a telephone number provided by the user during this connection. C. waits for a redial back from the user machine for reconfirmation and then verifies the user id and password using its database. D. waits for a redial back from the user machine for reconfirmation and then verifies the user id and password using the sender's database.

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Structured programming is BEST described as a technique that: A. provides knowledge of program functions to other programmers via peer reviews. B. reduces the maintenance time of programs by the use of small-scale program modules. C. makes the readable coding reflect as closely as possible the dynamic execution of the program. D. controls the coding and testing of the high-level functions of the program in the development process.

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Which of the following data validation edits is effective in detecting transposition and transcription errors? A. Range check B. Check digit C. Validity check D. Duplicate check

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An offsite information processing facility having electrical wiring, air conditioning and flooring, but no computer or communications equipment is a: A. cold site. B. warm site. C. dial-up site. D. duplicate processing facility.

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A number of system failures are occurring when corrections to previously detected errors are resubmitted for acceptance testing. This would indicate that the maintenance team is probably not adequately performing which of the following types of testing? A. Unit testing B. Integration testing C. Design walk-throughs D. Configuration management

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In an EDI process, the device which transmits and receives electronic documents is the: A. communications handler. B. EDI translator. C. application interface. D. EDI interface.

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The MOST significant level of effort for business continuity planning (BCP) generally is required during the: A. testing stage. B. evaluation stage. C. maintenance stage. D. early stages of planning.

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Which of the following network configuration options contains a direct link between any two host machines? A. Bus B. Ring C. Star D. Completely connected (mesh)

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Which of the following types of data validation editing checks is used to determine if a field contains data, and not zeros or blanks? A. Check digit B. Existence check C. Completeness check D. Reasonableness check


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