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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Which of the following controls would be MOST effective in ensuring that production source code and object code are synchronized? A. Release-to-release source and object comparison reports B. Library control software restricting changes to source code C. Restricted access to source code and object code D. Date and time-stamp reviews of source and object code

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During a post-implementation review of an enterprise resource management system, an IS auditor would MOST likely: A. review access control configuration. B. evaluate interface testing. C. review detailed design documentation. D. evaluate system testing.

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Which of the following types of controls is designed to provide the ability to verify data and record values through the stages of application processing? A. Range checks B. Run-to-run totals C. Limit checks on calculated amounts D. Exception reports

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The BEST method of proving the accuracy of a system tax calculation is by: A. detailed visual review and analysis of the source code of the calculation programs. B. recreating program logic using generalized audit software to calculate monthly totals. C. preparing simulated transactions for processing and comparing the results to predetermined results. D. automatic flowcharting and analysis of the source code of the calculation programs.

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IS management has recently informed the IS auditor of its decision to disable certain referential integrity controls in the payroll system to provide users with a faster report generator. This will MOST likely increase the risk of: A. data entry by unauthorized users. B. a nonexistent employee being paid. C. an employee receiving an unauthorized raise. D. duplicate data entry by authorized users.

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Which of the following pairs of functions should not be combined to provide proper segregation of duties? A. Tape librarian and computer operator B. Application programming and data entry C. Systems analyst and database administrator D. Security administrator and quality assurance

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An IS auditor who is reviewing application run manuals would expect them to contain: A. details of source documents. B. error codes and their recovery actions. C. program logic flowcharts and file definitions. D. change records for the application source code.

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Which of the following IS functions may be performed by the same individual, without compromising on control or violating segregation of duties? A. Job control analyst and applications programmer B. Mainframe operator and system programmer C. Change/problem and quality control administrator D. Applications and system programmer

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Which of the following is the MOST important function to be performed by IT management within an outsourced environment? A. Ensuring that invoices are paid to the provider B. Participating in systems design with the provider C. Renegotiating the provider's fees D. Monitoring the outsourcing provider's performance

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An organization has outsourced network and desktop support. Although the relationship has been reasonably successful, risks remain due to connectivity issues. Which of the following controls should FIRST be performed to assure the organization reasonably mitigates these possible risks? A. Network defense program B. Encryption/Authentication C. Adequate reporting between organizations D. Adequate definition in contractual relationship

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Which of the following IT governance best practices improves strategic alignment? A. Supplier and partner risks are managed. B. A knowledge base on customers, products, markets and processes is in place C. A structure is provided that facilitates the creation and sharing of business information. D. Top management mediate between the imperatives of business and technology

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Which of the following would be included in an IS strategic plan?


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To review access to ceratin data base to determine whether the "new user" forms were correctly authorized. This is an example of:

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Which of the following is a substantive test?

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Which of the following is the basic objective of a control self-assessment program?

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