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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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The process of using interpersonal communication skills to get unauthorized access to company assets is called: A. wire tapping. B. trap doors. C. war dialing. D. social engineering.

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A hacker could obtain passwords without the use of computer tools or programs through the technique of: A. social engineering. B. sniffers. C. backdoors. D. trojan horses.

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If the decision has been made to acquire software rather than develop it internally, this decision is normally made during the: A. requirements definition phase of the project. B. feasibility study phase of the project. C. detailed design phase of the project. D. programming phase of the project.

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The secure socket layer (SSL) protocol addresses the confidentiality of a message through: A. symmetric encryption. B. message authentication code. C. hash function. D. digital signature certificates.

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Which of the following represents the MOST pervasive control over application development? A. IS auditors B. Standard development methodologies C. Extensive acceptance testing D. Quality assurance groups

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With regard to sampling it can be said that: A. sampling is generally applicable when the population relates to an intangible or undocumented control. B. if an auditor knows internal controls are strong, the confidence coefficient may be lowered. C. attribute sampling would help prevent excessive sampling of an attribute by stopping an audit test at the earliest possible moment. D. variable sampling is a technique to estimate the rate of occurrence of a given control or set of related controls.

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Which of the following would an IS auditor consider to be the MOST important when evaluating an organization's IS strategy? That it: A. has been approved by line management. B. does not vary from the IS department's preliminary budget. C. complies with procurement procedures. D. supports the business objectives of the organization.

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Which of the following goals would you expect to find in an organization's strategic plan? A. Test a new accounting package. B. Perform an evaluation of information technology needs. C. Implement a new project planning system within the next 12 months. D. Become the supplier of choice within a given time period for the product offered.

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Involvement of senior management is MOST important in the development of: A. strategic plans. B. IS policies. C. IS procedures. D. standards and guidelines.

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Which of the following would an IS auditor expect to find in a console log? A. Names of system users B. Shift supervisor identification C. System errors D. Data edit errors

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Which of the following is the MOST effective means of determining which controls are functioning properly in an operating system? A. Consulting with the vendor B. Reviewing the vendor installation guide C. Consulting with the system programmer D. Reviewing the system generation parameters

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Analysis of which of the following would MOST likely enable the IS auditor to determine if a non-approved program attempted to access sensitive data? A. Abnormal job termination reports B. Operator problem reports C. System logs D. Operator work schedules

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A tax calculation program maintains several hundred tax rates. The BEST control to ensure that tax rates entered into the program are accurate is: A. an independent review of the transaction listing. B. a programmed edit check to prevent entry of invalid data. C. programmed reasonableness checks with 20 percent data entry range. D. a visual verification of data entered by the processing department.

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An advantage of using sanitized live transactions in test data is that: A. all transaction types will be included. B. every error condition is likely to be tested. C. no special routines are required to assess the results. D. test transactions are representative of live processing.

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Good quality software is BEST achieved: A. through thorough testing. B. by finding and quickly correcting programming errors. C. determining the amount of testing by the available time and budget. D. by applying well-defined processes and structured reviews throughout the project.

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E-mail message authenticity and confidentiality is BEST achieved by signing the message using the:


Which of these has the potential to improve security incident response processes? A. Review the incident response procedures. B. Post-mortem or post-event reviews by the security team. C. Getting the hot-site ready. D. Reviw the BCP plan every six months


purchase orders issued to vendors have been authorized as per the authorization matrix