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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Sales orders are automatically numbered sequentially at each of a retailer's multiple outlets. Small orders are processed directly at the outlets, with large orders sent to a central production facility. The MOST appropriate control to ensure that all orders transmitted to production are received and processed would be to: A. send and reconcile transaction counts and totals. B. have data transmitted back to the local site for comparison. C. compare data communications protocols with parity checking. D. track and account for the numerical sequence of sales orders at the production facility.

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IS auditors reviewing access control should review data classification to ensure that encryption parameters are classified as: A. sensitive. B. confidential. C. critical. D. private.

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The information that requires special precaution to ensure integrity is termed? A. Public data B. Private data C. Personal data D. Sensitive data

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An IS auditor performing an independent classification of systems should consider a situation where functions could be performed manually at a tolerable cost for an extended period of time as: A. critical. B. vital. C. sensitive. D. noncritical.

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Which of the following components is responsible for the collection of data in an intrusion detection system (IDS)? A. Analyzer B. Administration console C. User interface D. Sensor

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The general ledger setup function in an enterprise resource package (ERP) allows for setting accounting periods. Access to this function has been permitted to users in finance, the warehouse and order entry. The MOST likely reason for such broad access is the: A. need to change accounting periods on a regular basis.. B. requirement to post entries for a closed accounting period. C. lack of policies and procedures for the proper segregation of duties. D. need to create/modify the chart of accounts and its allocations.

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An IS auditor observed that some data entry operators leave their computers in the midst of data entry without logging off. Which of the following controls should be suggested to prevent unauthorized access? A. Encryption B. Switch off the computer when leaving C. Password control D. Screen saver password

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Which of the following fire suppressant systems would an IS auditor expect to find when conducting an audit of an unmanned computer center? A. Carbon dioxide B. Halon C. Dry-pipe sprinkler D. Wet-pipe sprinkler

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The PRIMARY objective of a business continuity and disaster recovery plan should be to: A. safeguard critical IS assets. B. provide for continuity of operations. C. minimize the loss to an organization. D. protect human life.

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What type of transmission requires modems? A. Encrypted B. Digital C. Analog D. Modulated

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Which of the following is the MOST effective control procedure for security of a stand-alone small business computer environment? A. Supervision of computer usage B. Daily management review of the trouble log C. Storage of computer media in a locked cabinet D. Independent review of an application system design

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Which of the following represents the GREATEST potential risk in an EDI environment? A. Transaction authorization B. Loss or duplication of EDI transmissions C. Transmission delay D. Deletion or manipulation of transactions prior to or after establishment of application controls


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During a review of a customer master file an IS auditor discovered numerous customer name duplications arising from variations in customer first names. To determine the extent of the duplication the IS auditor would use: A. test data to validate data input. B. test data to determine system sort capabilities. C. generalized audit software to search for address field duplications. D. generalized audit software to search for account field duplications.

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A control log basic to a real-time application system is a(n): A. audit log. B. console log. C. terminal log. D. transaction log.

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Which of the following is a technique that could be used to capture network user passwords? A. Encryption B. Sniffing C. Spoofing D. A signed document cannot be altered.

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