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CCNA Interview Questions
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Identify the 3 characteristics of IPX RIP? A.) Distance vector B.) Does not support multiple paths C.) 60 second updates D.) Default encapsulation is SAP E.) Uses ticks and hop count as a metric

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Identify the access-list range for an extended IP access-list? A.) 800 - 899 B.) 1 - 99 C.) 1000 - 1099 D.) 100 - 199

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Identify the X.25 addressing standard? A.) X.121 B.) X.25a C.) ITU-1 D.) Q933a

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Identify 3 features of IGRP? A.) Composite metric B.) New horizon C.) Flash updates D.) 60 periodic updates E.) Poison reverse

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Where is the backup configuration file stored? A.) RAM B.) ROM C.) Console D.) NVRAM

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Identify the correct pair of Novell Ethernet encapsulation and Cisco terminology? A.) Ethernet II, Snap B.) Ethernet 802.3, Novell-Ether C.) Ethernet SNAP, Arpa D.) Ethernet 802.2, Snap

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Identify 3 characteristics regarding IP access-lists? A.) Can be configured as a standard access-list B.) Can be run from another router running IP C.) Can be configured as a named access-list D.) Are the same as IPX access-lists E.) Can be configured as an extended access-list

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Identify 3 ways in which a router can be configured? A.) TFTP B.) Nvram C.) Ping D.) Console E.) Trace

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A traffic light is an example of what type of mechanism? A.) Collision detection B.) Flow control C.) Sequence numbering D.) Network management

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Windowing is a type of? A.) Negative acknowledgement B.) Address resolution C.) Layer transition mechanism D.) Flow control


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Identify the 2 types of access-list filters that control SAP traffic? A.) Novell-ether B.) Arpa C.) Input-sap-filter D.) Round-robin E.) Output-sap-filter

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Identify the 3 guidelines for routers in the same autonomous system? A.) Must be configured for IGRP or RIP B.) Interconnected C.) Assigned the same autonomous system number D.) Configured for the same routing protocol E.) Must be same model of router

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Identify the hardware component used to store buffers, tables, running-configuration etc? A.) NVRAM B.) ROM C.) RAM D.) Flash

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Identify 3 UDP characteristics? A.) Reliable communication protocol B.) Applications that use UDP must incorporate reliability C.) Connection-less oriented D.) Incorporates no handshaking

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Identify the IPX standard access-list number range? A.) 600 - 699 B.) 1000 - 1099 C.) 1 - 99 D.) 100 - 199 E.) 800 - 899

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Un-Answered Questions { CCNA }

Wild card mask always in odd value or even?


How many hop counts are by default and how much you can increase in eigrp protocol?


What are the two types of transmission technology available in ccna?


What is the purpose of the Data Link?


What is the virtual channel?


What are the different memories that are used in a cisco router?


1>What do you mean by Networks and Networking? 2>Difference between Vlan And Sub Interface Vlan? 3>What is Fiber Optic Media Converter? 4>What is Firewall? 5>Difference Between Layer2 and Layer3 Switch? 6>What is the function of Multilayer Switch? 7>Expalin STP? What is the Difference between STP and MST? 8>What is the Function of VTP?Explain the modes of VTP? 9>What kind of Message VTp will Send? 10>What is the Difference between Normal and Manageable Switch? 11>Difference between Local Vlan and End to End Vlan? 12>Difference between Distance Vector and Link State Routing protocol? 13>What do you mean by Backbone Fast Port? 14>what is Root Guard and BPDU Guard?


Tell me how many reserve ports?


Explain the difference between igp and eigrp?


What is encapsulation and de-encapsulation?


What port does rip use?


What is the syntax of ipv4?


What is the difference between dynamic ip and static ip addressing?


What is the minimum and maximum request timer?


What are 10base2 ethernet lans?