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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which OSI layer provides best effort end to end packet delivery? A.) Data-Link B.) Presentation C.) Network D.) Transport E.) Physical F.) Application

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Identify the 2 methods to modify the routers boot sequence? A.) Setup program B.) Boot system commands C.) RXBoot D.) Config-register

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Identify the 3 pieces of hardware you would not install to prevent broadcasts? A.) Switch B.) Repeater C.) Bridge D.) Router

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Identify 2 features of PPP PAP authentication? A.) Username and password is sent in clear text B.) Authentication messages are sent periodically during the connection C.) More secure than CHAP D.) Remote node is control of authentication process

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Identify the switching method that examines the destination MAC address as the frame is being received then begins forwarding the frame prior to receiving the entire frame? A.) Fragment-free B.) Store and Forward C.) Cut-through D.) Fast forward

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Identify 1 characteristic of RARP? A.) IP to MAC address translation B.) Connectionless delivery of packets C.) Can be used to initiate remote O/S load sequence D.) Generates error and control messages

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Identify the protocol to test connectivity without configuring any layer 3 protocols? A.) TCP B.) Ping C.) IP D.) CDP E.) Telnet

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LMI operates between the Frame Switch and what other device? A.) CPE device B.) Another Frame Switch C.) X.25 switch D.) Novell File Server

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Identify IPX SAP and it's purpose? A.) Sonet Access Pipe - interface to Sonet ring B.) Service Advertising Protocol - advertise services C.) Server Appletalk Protocol - appletalk directory services D.) Service Access Point - identify upper layer protocols

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Identify the default values that make up IGRP's composite metric? A.) Bandwidth B.) Load C.) Reliability D.) MTU E.) Delay

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Identify the default serial encapsulation? A.) ISDN B.) HDLC C.) SDLC D.) Frame Relay E.) PPP

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Identify the purpose of ARP? A.) Avoiding routing loops B.) Determining a workstation's IP address C.) Sending a directed broadcast D.) Determining a workstation's MAC address

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What is the purpose of the DLCI? A.) Identifies the remote routers B.) Contained with a 802.2 frame for routing purposes C.) Used with PPP during authentication D.) Identifies the PVC in a Frame Relay network

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Identify 3 characteristics of the Network layer (OSI layer 3)? A.) Connection oriented B.) Path determination C.) Supports multiplexing D.) Manages sessions E.) Packet forwarding

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Identify 3 characteristics of switches? A.) Increase available bandwidth B.) Decrease broadcast traffic C.) Support full duplex in a multipoint topology D.) Make forwarding decision using MAC address E.) Create collision domains

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Un-Answered Questions { CCNA }

How do you go to privileged mode? How do you switch back to user mode?


How many types of data?


What is default packet size of ipv6?


How does PPTP encapsulate data?


Which updates called incremental updates?


What is the simplest way to remotely configure a router?


which defined peer ip address an local subnet belong to crete? (Choose two)


Which cable called v.35?


what does PPTP use for encryption and authentication?


Why we used Virtual MAC in GLBP


what are the different asymmetric algorithms?


On which interface we always apply access-list?


What does data packets consist of?


In port based access-list which command u give instead of ip?


Wild card mask always in odd value or even?